Hand of Fate - Snap #302

This week Snap Judgment proudly presents stories featuring unexplainable coincidences, the stars aligning, and unbelievable destinies, for both good and ill...

Urgent Care

Raised by a single mother, Wanda Rodriguez became a nurse to care for people in need. After decades at Calvary hospital, Wanda gets one patient she will never forget.

Produced by: Stephanie Foo, Pat Mesiti-Miller

Phoning It In

Fate works in mysterious and magical ways when James Judd lands the perfect job, the kind where they don’t know you exist.

San Francisco writer and performer James Judd is the force behind his popular one man show 7 Sins. His new solo work, “Funny Stories,” debuts at the Seattle Solo Performance Festival on April 19th. James is a former member of the Groundlings.

You can find out more at www.funnystoriessf.com

Produced by Jamie DeWolf
Sound Design by Pat Mesiti-Miller

Selfish Man

A father wrestles with the hardest decision a parent ever has make in this powerful and wrenching performance by Kyle Bowen.

Kyle works as a writer, storyteller, and poet who’s performed on three continents and currently lives and writes in Chico, California.

Produced by Jamie DeWolf and Mark Ristich

The Tunnel

Joel ben Izzy sings a sacred prayer into a holy cavern, but he never thought God would answer him so quickly.

For more info, check out his website, StoryPage.com.

Produced by Stephanie Foo and Mark Ristich

Stock Photo Girl

Yvonne Puig made an impromptu decision on a trip to New York City as a young woman. She would see the consequences for the rest of her life. Yvonne originally published this story on ThisRecording.com -- check it out right here.

Produced by Stephanie Foo and Mark Ristich


A very complicated answer to a seemingly simple question changes the geometry of a family forever.

Snap learned of this story from Marianne With Bindslev’s piece in The Guardian (UK Edition). Read it right over here.  

Produced by Stephanie Foo and Renzo Gorrio

The Magic Vials

Three women, three wishes, one vial of “magic” = The Hand of Fate.

For more on the story of the magic sperm, check out the book written by Carey, Beth and Pam, “The Three Wishes.

Producer: Anna Sussman, Pat Mesiti-Miller