High And Mighty - Snap #531

Power is a funny thing. If people have it, they think they control you. But what if you decide, they don't have it anymore? On the next Snap, "High and Mighty." 

The Best Babysitter

Glynn’s parents hire a babysitter, but little do they know, she is more than just a babysitter.

Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller


No Son Of Mine

How do you choose between loyalty to history, and loyalty to yourself? Growing up in a coal mining town, Steve Whyles never thought he’d have to ask . . .

Producer: Anna Sussman
Sound Design: Leon Morimoto

Check out Steve Whyles's book, "A Scab Is No Son Of Mine."

Running With The Bulls

Bill Hillmann was convinced that Ernest Hemingway wrote "The Sun Also Rises" for him, and him alone.

Find out more about Bill on his website, BillHillmann.com


This story was recorded live at Cafe Mustach at Seven Deadly Sins. Check out the Live Lit facebook page to learn about all of the wonderful live storytelling shows that Chicago has to offer.


Producer: Ana Adlerstein

Sound Design: Renzo Gorrio

The Secret Book Of Job

2000 years later, Snap Judgment reveals "The Secret Book of Job."

Written and performed by Glynn Washington.

Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller

Song Info Story Label

Keep Running (Instrumental) by M-Phazes FULL SHOW Obese Records
Timber by Juicy The Emissary FULL SHOW Obese Records
Deep Gully by The Outlaw Blues Band THE BEST BABYSITTERAkarma
Señor Blues by Taj Mahal THE BEST BABYSITTER Horace Silver
Artificial Sweetener by Daisuke Tanabe NO SON OF MINE Circulations
Allergy by Daisuke Tanabe NO SON OF MINE KI Records
Dare-Gale by Jacaszek NO SON OF MINE Ghostly International
Can You See? by Bumps NO SON OF MINE Stones Throw Records
As Each Tucked String Tells by Jacaszek NO SON OF MINE Ghostly International
Goldengrove by Jacaszek NO SON OF MINEGhostly International
Night Fishing by Daisuke Tanabe NO SON OF MINE KI Records
Dress Reformer (Feat. May Roosevelt and Gillian Wood) by Daisuke Tanabe NO SON OF MINE KI Records
Of The Mountains by Dan Deacon THE SECRET BOOK OF JOB Carpark Records
All The Optimism Of Early January by Lullatone THE SECRET BOOK OF JOB Lull-label
Ill Consequences by Nebular Spool THE SECRET BOOK OF JOBUncanny Planet
Guthra byJoe Lentini THE SECRET BOOK OF JOB Schematic Records
Decelerism bySoehngenetic THE SECRET BOOK OF JOB Echorec
Library Vixens by Nebular Spool THE SECRET BOOK OF JOB Uncanny Planet