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My Grandmother was Vesta Gertrude Pattinson. She lived on Annabelle Avenue in Brooklyn Park, Maryland. She was my only living Grandmother as a child, so I based everything I knew about grandparents on her. She bore the weight of that...


Chapter 47


Capter 49
Hey critic!   You get fifteen minutes.  Ready set go!
Like her.  
be savior.
your on!
knees cut roads
so sip.
we shell.
I'll stop you.
slap steep
you nip...


Chapter 51
I traded a burrito for the internet.  But that just means while I'm on the internet people can yell at my window that I'm a bad shopper with my new comforters.  And my porn selections aren't up to my voyeurs...


Chapter 52
Go away people.  I don't care …why are you here?


Chapter 53
They have sent housing to switch the breaker in my room.  I had nothing using the electricity but the refrigerator and the television.  The breaker hadn't been thrown but he fiddled with it and left.  I then...


Chapter 54

Leave me alone people. I don't want your share. I don't want your opinions. I don't want your petty attempts to befriend me. I don't want your scams in the path I have to use. I don't like you. I want you to go away. The...


Chapter 55




Chapter 58
Thats the point.  I wouldn't be a rapper under these conditions.  And we will barter until so.  I have the appointment in 21 days.  I think my new doctor visited the situation early one morning on one of...


Chapter 59


Staff Sergeant Kemp hated me from day one. I was a college kid and a surfer in the army to pay for college. I was vocal about my intention to perform one enlistment to pay for college, get out and return to college to finish my degree. Staff...


On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. I remember the date fondly because my cousin Tommy made me watch it. I was six years old and was more concerned with enjoying the freedom of summer's warmth. My cousin Tommy was five years...


Chapter 60
I'm going to get my hair cut.  She is so good at whispering support for team douche bag to plan senerios like last night where dozens of people are in involved to get me in a porno.  I'm going to calmly get...


I was working day work 7am-5pm in New York City at Gateway National Recreation Area in Brooklyn. I decided to park my police car along the Belt Parkway and walk along the beach. The beach was an area adjacent Dead Horse Bay that car thieves...