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It's amazing how often my elderly hospice patients advise me to live without fear, love with everything I have, enjoy life while I'm still young, and do what makes me happy. They say this so often I've come to believe they are...




"NO, kids, we're NOT getting a Cat: Daddy's allergic…."

At least, that's what I told them when we settled into our new house in 2006.

Truth is, I've always been a bit wary...


I started my life of crime rather late, around the age of 37. My kids didn’t know of my criminal inclinations, but my wife had her suspicions. I’d spoken with her briefly about them before we married, but it was a subject we never...


My First Month in LA 



Привет моя история. Пробуем редактор стилей!


I sat at the foot of his bed as he fell in and out of his sleep. My grandmother was in the den watching TV.  I am sure the ailing of my granddad was on her mind.  After all they raised 4 children together and their eldest son was 69...


So I’m staring at my computer, holding back tears. Which isn’t actually unusual in my office. I work for a large, international animal welfare organization and I’m a staff writer, so it’s my job to tell people the true...


to be cut and pasted later


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First of all, this is NOT I repeat NOT my story but the stories from numerous Haribo customers. The stories below are from amazon under the customer reviews for the Haribo Sugarless Gummy Bears a.k.a. Satan's Diarrhea Hate Bears. (...


wóz chwilówka rekonwalescencji mileagea

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An unthinkable encounter with a man while seaching for my lost dog


Chapter thirteen


Chapter 14
they are sick of me.  yesterday i called them out.  


Chapter 16