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 Hi I was not sure how to forward this but I thought you might find these three naratives interesting. Michael, my son is a student at Penn State and had formulated a special "project" with one of his professors. There are three...


The High Fives Foundation took a group Winter Empowerment Fund Athletes to San Clemente, CA to learn the sport of adaptive surfing at San Onofre State Park’s “Dog Patch” beach. Athletes Steve Wallace, Taylor Fiddyment, Landon...


Adventure Amore

by Kyle Ashlee


We had every reason to panic.

Outside the window of the aging Italian train, golden hills of wheat slowly rolled away into the horizon. The sun was just beginning...


This story is the sequel to the Moth Storytelling Slam winning story "Bully"(My Chocolate Milk). I believe that bullies are not regular and must be dealt with in the fashion that they deal with their victims. This is what i did in the...


It all happened very quickly, a blur really. It is hard to tell if the sequence of these events is even truly accurate. This is a dark time in my life that I often try to forget but realized that sometimes we need to fall down in order to stand...


I'd finally found happiness. A boy, specifically. He was smart and funny and thoughtful, plus he was good with computers, and, these being my pre-Mac years, frequent viruses meant I saw a lot of him. Eventually, this turned into something...


When I was 19, I began transitioning to female. Living in the sticks, I was really closed off from other trans people. So, of course, I thought of the internet as a godsend. It patched me through to all these people I never would’ve had the...


“Look at that view Melinda!” said the overweight Indian man I had unwittingly played escort to for my best friend’s future mother-in-law and the limo company she worked for.


I thought the elderly interracial couple who owned the local antique store in town were, apart from charming, absolutely fascinating. The first time I’d wandered in with my boyfriend, Mike in tow, on one of our jaunts through the faded...


It was the Spring of 2011. I was taking the bus home one day after an honest day's work. The ride is short, a straight shot down Howard from downtown San Francisco to the Civic Center where I called home for over 5 years.












Here is my story suggestion for one of your story writting editors to research and write up.