Hydristor vision

In 1989, I was called upon to care for my mother in her last year of life. I was a free lance engineer and physicist and I set up my workspace in her basement to be close by to help her. I was working on technology for the Star Wars program and spent long hours doing that. That time was special for me and my mother and I gave back to her and made her last days better. One day, I had a sudden realization that I posessed the right experience and training to develop a solar powered high performance sports car that would operate for free. I set to work doing designs and soliciting samples of needed parts and equipment to do the job. I have attained 5 patents as of this time and I have been spending hundred hour weeks at this dream. I believe my technology can retrofit existing cars and trucks turning them into full hybrids with double fuel economy and 50% reduced CO2. If all the vehicles were changed, we would cut oil use by 35% and the same for CO2 grenhouse gas. My work can be verified by doing a Google search of the word Hydristor. I hope you consider my story and maybe something will come of it. I have been interviewed many times on air, most recently on America's Car Show and had a feature story on AOL Autos. I have dedicated the last 20 years of my life at this and survived quad bypass surgery. I hope I can change the future for our kids and grandkids. The Hydristor can do it; if enough people listen to the message.  Any help would be appreciated.

Regards  Tom Kasmer   607-2068960 , 607-5950676