I Was the Easter Bunny

In 1972, I was ten years old. I was the March Hare in the Folger McKinsey Elementary School rendition of Alice in Wonderland. Originally, I was cast as the Mad Hatter, but the lines were too hard for me. So, I was recast as the March Hare. My mom designed and sewed a chocolate brown rabbit costume for me with big white starched rabbit ears and a fluffy tail. The costume worked well and lasted a good twenty years before I finally gave it away when my folks passed away.

Scottie was my mildly retarded second cousin who I really liked. He was five years younger than me. Ours was a matriarchal family so there weren’t many male cousins. I decided I was going to portray the Easter Bunny for Scottie at my grandmother’s. I did it because Scott’s folks were not that nice. He was their only child and that put him in competition with his mother. His mom was a middle-aged debutante who never got over being a spoiled only child. Scottie and his folks lived with her parents in a weird symbiotic relationship.

I cleared the Easter Bunny idea with my folks, my grandmother, and my cousin’s parents who were my cousins, also. We went to my grandmother’s and I donned my Easter bunny costume. I carried a basket of candies and gave Scottie some chocolate eggs while hopping around my grandma’s garden. My cousin liked the whole act as evidenced by his smile and laughter. I hopped away, ditched the costume, and came back as his mild mannered cousin.

My grandmother who was Scottie’s great grandmother died two years later and the family spread to the four corners. I never saw Scottie again after the funeral. Scottie’s mother and grandmother emptied my grandmother’s house when she died taking everything. Years later my father tried to buy some of the heirlooms from Scottie’s mother, but she had pawned everything and she refused to tell him where. All the money went towards Scottie’s parents moving to Celebration, Florida to join a club of Disney character costume wearing members. I heard Scott moved out as soon as he was able.