"J-O-B" - Snap #322

 You spend all day doing whatever it is that you do. And in this economy you feel lucky to do it at all. This week Snap dives head first into the "rat race." From PRX and NPR, Snap Judgment proudly presents "J-O-B."

Dial Tone

 On Glynn's first day at the job he gets an extremely odd phone call from his boss.

Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller


A Deal With the Universe

Singer songwriter Paul Sanchez is faced with losing the only job he thought he would ever have to save the person he loves most.   Paul still records music as a singer songwriter. He is completing a musical right now called "Nine Lives," which is about the history of New Orleans between hurricanes Betsy and Katrina. The musical based on the book by Dan Baum, which you can find here.     

The Fire Inside

 When a young man becomes a reporter at his hometown newspaper, he begins to uncover the secret world of his fire chief father. Find out more in Jay Varner’s book, Nothing Left To Burn.

Producer: Anna Sussman


 You should consider yourself lucky if you’ve ever had a truly great boss.  You know, the guy who inspires you to be your best, a motivator, a leader, a friend. Thom’s boss was all those things and a killer karaoke star too...until tragedy struck. 

Producer: Stephanie Foo

Down and Out in Hollywood

 Doug moves to Hollywood with dreams of hitting it big, but instead just hits bottom in a hilarious piece by Snap favorite Doug Cordell.  Doug is an Emmy-nominated writer and performer in the Bay Area. Thankfully, he continues to write and is currently working on a novel.

Producer: Jamie DeWolf

Sound Design: Renzo Gorrio



Hot Off the Grill

 What's the most important thing to learn about cooking steaks?  The Thaw.

Producer: Renzo Gorrio