Joy And Pain - Snap #503

Because even the best relationships have a breaking point, Snap Judgment proudly presents "Joy and Pain" (from PRX and NPR).

The Unwedding

Some couples break up harder than others.

Produced by the dynamic duo Sharon Mashihi and Rachel James (originally for the KCRW program "Unfictional.")  For more of Sharon and Rachel's work, check this out.

Producers: Sharon Mashihi and Rachel James with assistance from Mooj Zadie

Henry and Jane

A husband and wife think they have problems.  Then they enter the storm.

Produced by Lea Thau, check out Lea's amazing podcast Strangers here (part of the new Radiotopia network of award winning programs.)



The Last Resort

We all sometimes ask ourselves, if we had a day, a week, a year left to live, what would we do with that time. Hear what one couple did when they faced that dark fantasy in real life.

Producer: Julia Dewitt

Just Us

One woman's experience as a death row inmate leaves her unable to trust after her release... until she finds just the right partner.

Producer: Anna Sussman