Judgment Snap

Comprehension!  Is it at all possible?

What I am about to explain, you already know.  The single difference you will notice is that you have never understood that which you knew...till now, if you challenge with an open mind.

What is an open mind?  A mind that removes everything that it "thinks" it knows.  Using only logic and rational based on the maturity of the mind today and reevaluates the past with it.

People have studied their own thoughts for thousands of years resulting in mass confusion.  Maybe we should turn around, as the story suggests.  And how do we do it...reboot!

I have attempted to reach and breach thought my entire life time.  I have come to this example to help me.

Mankind is trying to build a Mac using a PC platform.  No matter how much you want to achieve, no matter how much information you create, it will not work.  Unless you reboot and upload new data.

Why?  We decided who we were, what we were and our purpose thousands of years before we figured out the world was flat!  Are you listening?  Just sit with that for a while as what comes next is something else.

Without suggesting this has anything to do with religion.  Our history is actually referred to in the bible.

History lesson 1O1


Meteor/Dust Cloud

Mankind/Carrying the knowledge it descended from the dust

Evolution of thought 1O1

At its origin the mind would have been without memory.  No knowledge, no history, no understanding-not even of itself.  Now imagine if you were there at that time.  You’re walking around connected to the energy that gives forth in abundance and that is everything and everywhere.  Connected as all other life forms through a think called instinct which is an induced knowledge based application later defined by the mind as inspirations.  Where you do not hear but know, as if something was flowing through you inspiring knowledge.

Then all of a sudden out of nowhere, there is a communication you reason is a voice.  But this voice seems to follow you everywhere you go.  You can't see anyone but you hear someone and you get scared.  To compensate for the fear, thought which created it produces a thing later defined as vanity to sooth you (you’re ok...).  Now for those two things begin to cocoon themselves into a reasoning.  Combined with a schizophrenic origin of that reasoning we formulated a good angel and a bad angel.  One making us do bad things and one praising us for doing well.

Later when the mind accumulated enough information to become self-aware, it still did not have enough information to challenge its earlier understandings.  And we spent the next thousands of years trying to define the truth based on its platform.  Dreaming of what we could be but anchored to another.

History 1O1 cont...

We had a relationship with the energy which flowed through us, then all of a sudden we began naming things (initiation of thought), at that time we were referred to as beasts (schizophrenic expression), symbolically we began walking our own path (thought-became louder than the inspirations-redefining knowledge to fit its needs), we began to focus on wants (reproduction/debauchery) shifting from a world of need, the association with invisible entities guaranteed that the self-chosen leaders would never have to assume responsibility (it’s her fault I rape) no matter what went wrong...moving into a world of fantasy, inevitably putting the people to dream as in a sleep haze with the end result...no one wants the truth...today...