Justice for all or justice for some






Above video explains about some of the details of what Im about to say.


I was 26 years old in 1996 living in Miami and with great aspirations. Huge perhaps, and  the sky was the limit during that time in my life.

Cannot proceed without talking a bit about the past link to the story.

It truly feels good to know that the truth always comes out.

My desperation started when i wanted to express the gravity of the abuse of power a banking giant has over my family. 

The Video will talk about the basic points of the story including an Initial Bank Deposit which started the entire story.

That deposit was made by my grandmother back in 1978 after winning the Christmas Lottery in Nicaragua. As you can imagine what anybody would do with the biggest price of the lottery won during the best time you could win it. I know, anytime would be great to spend it but instead my grandmother decided to deposit that money in the most trusted bank she could think of. named Citibank N.A.

After all, it was the most secure and trusted bank she could deposit the money during the political instability moment the country was going through. Months past and the country had reached the end of the stick for a Nicaraguan dictator [Anastasio Somoza[ whose family had been in power for the previous 3 decades.

The new Sandinista government comes to power and overthrows the old Somoza regime and everyone related to Somoza had to leave or be persecuted, jailed, or killed.

Some of those related to Somoza were many of my relatives including my grandmothers husband Dr. Francisco Urcuyo who was not only my grandfather but Vice President with Somoza and some would agree somozas right hand man for many years.

We all left Nicaragua in a Hollywood drama movie, but that is another story in itself.


We arrived in Guatemala on July 19th 1979

We began to unpack our belongings, almost non existant due to the nature of our departure from Nicaragua. We were forced to leave behind clothing, important documents, and other belongings.
Days after the arrival into what would become our political exile life, my grandfather began to approach a couple of banks he maintained accounts with, including Citibank, with the intention to begin to utilize some money for his survival and ours.

My grandfather began by calling Citibank and asking for his funds to be transferred to his new address in another country. It was to his surprise when Citibank informed us that they turned over our money to the new Sandinista Government of Nicaragua.

After pleading to Citibank for his money, my grandfather received letters from Citibank regretting to inform him that the bank had turned over the money to the Sandinista government.

My grandfather disagreed but trusted the word of that Citibank high banking official, Mr. Eddie Rene Pinilla (Manager of the Caribbean and Central America). On that letter he clearly states that the money was turned over to the new government.

Jaw dropping as it sounds. My grandfather relied on the truthfulness and reputation of such a powerful financial institution for many years to come.

We were finally allowed back into Nicaragua

10 years later , due to a change of government in Nicaragua to a more democratic one allowed us to return to the country and initiate an investigation regarding the whereabouts of my family’s money. Did the Nicaraguan government take the money we deposited in Citibank or did Citibank fabricate a story and kept the money?

Fact or Fiction

My grandparents searched everywhere in Nicaragua including the banking regulatory agencies, the Minister of Finance's Office (Letter Attached), even the Banco Central de Nicaragua and all of them concluded that they had confiscated several things from my grandparents but never was any money turned over from Citibank. The banks stories turned out to be fiction.

Citibank blamed The Sandinistas, claiming that the Sandinistas had confiscated all money and properties belonging to Dr. Francisco Urcuyo and immediate family including the Citibank account mentioned above.
By now the bank has demonstrated that they are not the trusted bank we all have learned to trust but instead a bank capable to steal your lifesavings and lie about it.

My grandfather was outraged for being betrayed in such a manner and also learning that the banking giant had stolen his money more than a decade ago.

After learning the truth, I was outraged and decided to bring justice back to my grandparents and our family. All the difficult moments and memories from the hard life of exile I experienced and lived with my grandparents has led me to relentlessly pursue for justice. It became my mission by helping my grandparents recuperate their money stolen from the banking giant and their corrupted officials.

The fight began in a Federal Court in Miami

We began the fight against Citibank in 1997 and since then I have been fighting for what rightfully belongs to my family's. Knowing the facts, the money was taken from my grandparents and never returned gave me a huge sense of injustice and the quest for justice began.



After taking Civic Classes in Junior High, Graduating from College with Political Science, with great admiration and respect to the law. And perhaps with great aspirations to learn about law, I learned about the dirty side of the law.



How can the judge change the jury's unanimous verdict

Link Below shows you pictures of evidence used against Citibank in the case Urcuyo vs. Citibank

There are mountain of evidence and correspondence about this case and the truth will come out.

Justice will prevail, justice must prevail.