Labeled bad father

    My good friend Jason has been going through a custody battle for his 2 year old son and though, I know this happens all the time, his situation seems so incredibly absurd and frustrating that I thought I should share.

     The story starts with Jason and Kendall, her 6 rescue chihuahua's and their 2 year old son Bryson.  For the last year or so theyve been in and out of costody hearings as Jason attempts to gain 50/50 costody of his son. At todays date he has gained his 50 percent, but not without a cost. He now pays over $800 in child support, all of kendalls court expenses including his own lawyer fees. He has mondatory swimming lessons for Bryson twice a month at $50 a lesson and pays for all of his daycare. Once a month he pays over $200 for a hair drug test. If kendall so chooses, she can make him take a urine test (infront of a court appointed officer) anytime she wants, if the results are negative she has to pay, if their positve he pays, and looses custody. The judge ruled it mandatory, before granting costody, that a social service observer visit Jason's home to observe him with his son. He paid $$ for that too. The observer along with the judge agreed that Jason's 10ft boat sitting in his driveway was too dangerous and needed to be removed from his driveway within 50 days. He no longer has a boat. 

   Now, reading this, its obvious that you may start wondering what Jason did so bad that he has to fight this hard to get half of his sons time. Well, he openly admitted that he once smoked pot. He was never arrested and and never tested positve in any of the courts drug tests. Infact he completely quit at the news of her pregnancy. But kendall left him anyways, labeling him a drug addict and disappeard for weeks, not letting Jason know where his son was. Thats when he got a lawyer. But Jason didnt go after kendall in revenge and  didnt explain to the judge that he's rhe sole provider and that she doesnt have a job. Or that shes been perscribed a slew of anxiety drugs like zanex and  aderol witch she abuses with alcohol nightly and that she had to be weind off of during her pregnancy. Or the fact that he bought her a car and a house and paid every hospital visit and any other expenses she might have. He didnt mention that she rescues untaimed abused dogs and keeps them at her house with Bryson, including a pitbull. Maybe he thought his lawyer would take care of everything or maybe he thought the judge would notice his responsibility and love for his child. Maybe he thought that begging for kendall to come back and agreeing to couples conseling even after all this was said and done was the best thing for his son and what he thought would be his family.  

   Kendall moved out and found a place literrally down the street. Jason has to pass her house everyday on his way home from work. Her new boyfriends car sits outside and he knows his son, and his idea of the perfect family are inside. He goes home to the house he now cant afford. and waits till wendesday, when Bryson , his own son, is allowed to come stay with him.. court permitted that is.