Layover - Snap #425

An all-new Snap..."Layover." Amazing stories about people on their way from Point A to Point B. Storytelling with a beat... from NPR and PRX.

Big City

Snap's Glynn Washington thinks he's going home again. He's not . . .

Sound Design: Pat Mesiti-Miller

Jason and his Argonauts

Jason was on a round-the-world trip circumnavigating the globe on his own two feet, using only human power. Everything was fine until he ran into the counter current, a huge patch of the ocean where water flows backwards.

For more about Jason’s thirteen-year circumnavigation of the globe, check out his book, The Expedition: Dark Waters.

Photo by Kenny Brown.

Producers: Jazmine da Costa with Julia DeWitt

The Officer

When you are from a tough neighborhood, and you get a job in law enforcement, enforcing the rules on your childhood friends can be tricky.

You can find out more about Gary from his book.

Producer: Anna Sussman


Long Lost Boyfriend

Jane gets a call from her high school boyfriend who had dumped her 9 years earlier. He says he has lost his memory and doesn’t know who she is, but... he needs her help.

To learn more, read Kevin Whitehead’s book Happy Accident - Fate Not Fatal.

Producer: Stephanie Foo