Liz Jones, Writer, Poet and Success Educator


My name is Liz Jones, and I am a Poet, Writer and Success Educator that resides in Long Beach, California.

I am extremely interested in being on your show. I have a passion for sharing spoken word in order to raise the consciousness of the community, and eventually, the world. A little recent info about me: I was featured 0last Wednesday evening for the second time on , an internationally broadcasted internet radio station in Los Angeles that features underground hip-hop, dub-step, poetry and other cool, non-mainstream things. I did a live podcast interview and performance, which was alot of fun!

I am also on the verge of finishing a book, and in my evening hours, I am putting together a team of artists to perform at Inglewood Community Center once it opens in late August of this year. This team will do many, many things to help increase the awareness of the community, as well as improve the overall environment and quality of life for the neighborhood. 

My website is where you can view some of my work on video.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!


Liz Jones