A Love Supreme - Snap #404

Everyone thinks their love story is special. Everyone is right.  

The burn of every infatuation flames a slightly different color. Listen as Snap Judgment proudly presents "A Love Supreme."

Falling Slowly

She climbed a tree looking for answers. Then she heard the crack of a branch. This story originally came to Snap Judgment from The Strangers podcast, which is supported by KCRW’s Independent Producer Project.

Producers: Lea Thau and Anna Sussman with sound design by Renzo Gorrio

The Last Madam

For forty years, Norma Wallace was one of the most powerful women in Louisiana. She ran the city’s most established brothel, and so she knew everything about lust. Or so she thought.

Thanks so much to Chris Wiltz for sharing Norma’s story with Snap. You absolutely have to read her book, The Last Madam: A Life in the New Orleans Underworld. We barely scratched the surface of the titillating, raunchy and hilarious stories that compose Norma’s life.

Producer: Stephanie Foo

The Story of Ko Jimmy

This is a love story that starts in a ruthless military dictatorship and lands itself in a darkened prison.

This piece was produced as part of the Global Story Project, with support from the Open Society Foundations.  Presented by PRX, the Public Radio Exchange.

Producers: Anna Sussman and Pat Mesiti-Miller


A story of love unrequited.

Producers: Katie Mingle, with Nick van der Kolk.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Two cynics fall in love and write locked love letters to be opened in a year. But one of the cynics has a surprise and takes a risk they can’t walk away from.

Producer: Mark Ristich and Jamie DeWolf