Mr. Flashlight

  Another weekend pasted , another drunk . Got caught pissing behinde a alley late saturday night, by americas finest he was all dressed in blue he had a bright and shinny light, that he made sure to beam directley into my bloodshot eyes. MR. officer advised me that my actions were against the law and it was considered indecent exposure.
So i stuffed god gifts back or hex in my piss covered jeans as I stood there I saw for a moment in my reguarly drunken state a ragged looking cop you know the one,maybe you dont fuck you anyway .this badge had pushed the clock a little to long. .MR. Security said this was serious business and that i could be charged with a sexual case(were have I heard that before) i laughed a little and did what any good broke drunk would do , i advised him he was within the law to run me in and then laughed again.
Robochump was getting wound and demanded i show him my I.D.So I abliged and handed him my id with my piss that nicely coated my society pass,oh then I bent over in a roar this guy was a fucking chump I wondered if everbody else knew it .I knew what was coming this was a firecracker and he was about to pop.
i quess the protector of the protected (if you live in the right tax brackett) didnt notice the piss on my id and took it , just to say mr flashlight didnt appreciate the piss on his hands and dropped it, and demanded me too pick it up , i laughed and picked it up hell i didnt mind l it was my piss, as i bent down mr officer advised me to move slowly so i did .i stummbled and feel , got back up and handed him my id he stteped back and said hold it up to me ,so i did .he said were do you live and i advised him i live in a shelter rightt down the road.
mr piggy said well were you going to sleep tonight the doors are locked and you cant get back in till tommorow. i advised him that was fine and that by the looks of it i might be spending the night with him and his clones down at the staion.
to tell you the truth i think that guardian of the rich laughed , and for some reason that wound me up like mexican at a soccer game .well were was i , lost my borrowed signal (you cant stop the signal mel).
something about ,crazer than a mexican at a soccer game .
so i replied to my public serveant (ha) what the hell you laughing at you pencil necked sheep, for some reason mr little prick grabed me by the shoulder and spoke fascit in my ear, that if wasnt for all these fair right marchers in town i would be ran in tonight and ...that he would make it his personal business to make sure my stay would be a remebreable one , this piece of work smelled i mean i havent taken a bath in 4 days and he smelled worse than me , it was a smell of hate and agression and turmoil you can tell this rat had been running around all day keeping kids off the grass ,or getting his little corupt face spit in (tell me true you think cops are legit) are maybe hed been looking at all those young girls running around in there tank tops and dont give a fuck for the system attitude .
at that moment i reallized what mr sadist had in mind he didnt get to beat on any of those loud mouthed punks becuase of all the media and camreas around .
dont feel bad for me the flrst blow was guick and sloopy i guess those greed hatters wore his slave ass out ,a little more than he wanted . this is common for a poor motherfucker with no home ,we have been the whopping boys for the pigs for many of decades , why change what got you there. if aint broke keep beatting it till it is,thats what my dady usesd to say .so thats right ,got a little interupted got kicked out of the shelter anyway thats something else , ok remeber . that servant of satan was laying into me like a kid at a birthday, swinging at a pinata . as i lay, in my to common beatting postion, i thought how me old sick dad and mr little dick would of been best of pals , and i often wondered if sadist behaver is a cursor to ladent homosexuallity..., odd thought i know but have you ever been huddled in the fetal position being beat by a weak ass. pig , well until you have you dont know what the fuck will cross your mind and mainly my overly intoxicated system . so i laughed and laughed , and the harder i cackelled the harder and faster mr. population controll whalled into me.he was tired,and i was on the edge of conciousness what a place to be when the man is bleeding me dry.
mr officer was bent down and whezzing , i stood up and found a reserve of enrgy maybe it was my anger are possibly i was at the gate of survival, either way i saw a oppertunnity .
tell me what you going to do if a possition of authority abuses you and leaves himself or hersef open after destroying you, physicaly ,sexulaly ,emotionaly ,and finnaceally ,we are flashlight and the real peolple he serves are the fascitts , servants of the rich, politicians and croprate fat catts .we are the ones that have been so controlled for centuries and we seem to love it fuck we do, why do you think you ekk out a living every week,not enough and if it is most of the time your spending it on shit,by the way how much usless crap does your child yell for.
my dick was so hard to abuse this corrupter of truth. he was winded and i was a god, for one moment. you know the cliche in the movies , do whats right , if you want something work hard and you will get it , tell the truth and you will be rewarded blahh fucking blah , not rea,l let me smack you in the face , not real .
good deads do go punished.keep your head down be timid and walk in line are you will loose what little you got .
you laugh.i was inches from that (destroyer of dreams)gun . none would be the wiser . were does that voice come from you know the one can you hear it , the one that says pull over for that guy are when someone is hungry and you share what little you have . good news they make meds for the good people to stiffel your god voice, married with propaganda through media and citizens of influence. fuck i cant say merry chritmas anymore.
oh so close , my fingers could feel the cold blue steel it was my one chance to get a little payback fuck the voice, tell me true does you concious bother you (ls).
it seemed my body made my own descion, i reached for his----are you ready munces and munchettes,thanx to all who have keep up with my story . were was i anybody, anybody. thats right ,of course i wanted nothing more than to blow that corupter of justices brain all over the alley, of course i wanted to skull fuck him till his cranium was dry, of course of course; i reached for ...his flashlight, what do you think i would do. i already told you im no diffrent than anyone else, i know you were chering for the underdog to stand up and be accounted for, but alas i am pavlovs dog, (look it up something about ringing a belll ) critical condition all the way . mr.enforcer saw me reach for his flashlight but he was usless all he could do was watch , every action i made was pure exctasy becuase of the fear that was visabel in his eyes ,hell i would be scarred to,( some insecure cop that has just pounced on me) now he was w inded and exposedhe had exhausted himself all day trying to destroy the idea of freedom by impeding the progress of those protesters on the city streets, he was no diffrent than a drunk who comes home and beats his wife before he can get off; this guy needs to hurt something before he could rub one out. of course i was the wrong one in a alley, with my junk hangign out, my life story. now i was the person with power, i was the man . i could swing that five pound light acroos his head , when i think back on that moment i have regert for not ending a life that will most definatley destroy thousands of lives before hes retired. but alas i sheeped up and acepted my fate . i slowly handed his flashlight back to him and thinking no good dead goes unpunished , my fate was sealed . mr. blue was dumfounded and personally i think he was pretty dumb as soon as he spoke, but what can i say im just a homless drunk . the blunt end of the light came crashing across my face i could feel bone crush and teeth crumble as i effortlesly droped on the unforgiving ground . lights fadded and mr flashlight had finished his business and i lay unconious . the next morning i woke with my jaw broke and half my teeth and shoes were missing , i smelled of piss maybe it was mine maybe it was that of a curteous citizen using me for a toilet dont worry its not the first time i have been pissed on. as i sat in some kind citzens piss and wondering were my shoes went . some stranger walked up and saw my state of degrace and helped me up , i vommited right on him and i lost all control and gave in a began to whale . the stranger took me in his vomit covered arms and held me spoke calmly this to shale pass this to shale pass.