My Brother, Pathological Liar / Witness for the Prosecution

     Everyone in my family knows that my brother is a pathological liar, so imagine our surprise when he turned up as the star witness in a murder trial.  Every since he was a little boy he would just lie to lie.  Big stuff, little stuff, it didn't matter.  He would say he was going to Walgreens and then go to Rite-Aid.  Why lie about something so insignificant, but that was who he was.  He somehow didn't know how to just tell the truth without embellishing or flat out making up totally bogus lies like after visiting me when I lived in California he came back home to Virginia and told everyone that I was pregnant and expecting a girl.  He would tell these lies as if no one would ever put two and two together and come up with four.  So this is definitely not the kind of person you would expect to be the star witness in a murder trial, but he definitely was and the guy he testified about got life and this is how it all happened. 

     We live in VA in a city of about 100,000 folks which is much smaller than it sounds, so it didn't take long for the news to get out.  My cousin Kim was at the beauty parlor, sitting under the dryer, when she happened to glance up from the Jet Magazine and there was my brother, in an orange jumpsuit, pointing into the camera.  When I picked up my phone, she shouted, "Turn on channel 13!," so I did and I saw the tail end of my brother's testimony about how the alleged murderer confessed his crimes to him -- a total stranger that he met in a jailcell -- on a fateful Saturday night when they were locked up together for about twelve hours.  That same image of my brother, in an orange jumpsuit, pointing to the camera also ran on the front page of the "Local News" section.  Both of my unmarried sisters, who still carried the family name, were horrified that their younger brother could be so easily linked to them.

     I actually felt a bit guilty because the reason my brother was in jail on that Saturday night was because earlier that day he had been stopped for a minor traffic violation while driving my car (which had expired tags).  Normally, this should have been a situation where the driver would have received a ticket, but my brother had some outstanding warrants on his license and so off he went to the pokey.  A few days later when he got out my brother shows me a newspaper article about a psychologist whose wife had been found rolled up in a rug in their house after he had reported her missing a few days earlier.  My brother's so excited he can barely tell me what happened, but finally he tells me how the guard escorts this guy to the cell and according to my brother, "He was acting real strange.  Whistling and looking around like he didn't know where he was.  And then he told me, I did it.  I killed her."

     "Just like that, he told you he did it!  You lying!"

     "This is a man's life.  I wouldn't lie about something like this."  My brother looks sincere and that's the thing about him, if you don't know him he seems like a regular, normal decent guy.  But I know him and I know he will lie about any and everything because that is who he is.  I won't even get into the time he had everyone thinking he was getting married which included asking his three sisters to get fitted for purple bridesmaid dresses being made by a woman who lived in a purple house. 

     Fast forward a few months later and my brother has gone to trial and is now doing about a year for a bunch of b.s. like non-payment of child support and traffic violations in the city jail.  He's called on to testify in the murder trial.  My brother identifies the good doctor and tells the jury what was confessed to him and, miracle of miracles, the man is convicted of first degree pre-meditated murder and my brother gets some major time chopped off his sentence and he's out. 

     Now, here's the deal, all the circumstantial evidence suggested that the doctor planned the murder down to the most minute detail and because there was no physical evidence the prosecution really needed my brother's testimony and my brother, the pathological liar was the perfect witness -- sincere, articulate and right on time. 

     Finally, the only reason I don't lose any sleep over this is because I believe the doctor did kill his wife, even though I know for certain that he did not confess this to my brother.  He committed the perfect crime and would have gotten away with it except for the fact that he had the bad luck to end up in a jailcell overnight with my brother, a life long pathological liar.  I don't know what this episode says about truth, justice and the law but that is what happened when my brother, a known liar became the star witness for the prosecution in a murder trial.