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Bwbrumley's picture

by Bwbrumley
Oct 02, 2014


not my story but it is great! It is from my local public radio...


aprilrood's picture

by aprilrood
Oct 02, 2014

Ace in the Hole is a film about a very special place, Ace Junkyard, and the very unique person who operated it, Bill "The Junkman" Kennedy.


strozerj's picture

by strozerj
Oct 02, 2014

Cheating in a Chili Pepper eating contest with a Vietnamese Colonel


strozerj's picture

by strozerj
Oct 02, 2014

Hubristic young man working in a highly secure facility abroad trusts too much.


strozerj's picture

by strozerj
Oct 02, 2014

Flicking pictures in the hallway of the U.S. Department of State, only to be caught by the Chief of Staff to the Secretary of State.


strozerj's picture

by strozerj
Oct 02, 2014

My story is told in the video attached.




I destroyed life before I knew the value of life.


Before I was old enough to vote on the laws, the laws deemed the entirety of my existence an incorrigible threat to humanity: an unsalvageable. Before I was...


It is a annoying action of administration the replacements of all our accouterments from our present destination to addition destination successfully. We should backpack out this assignment application the awful accounted transporters who...


JewelWasp's picture

by JewelWasp
Sep 21, 2014

My roommate moved out 6 months into my 12 month lease and I’m hoping for a place to myself for the next six months, but sure enough, I get a note on my door saying they assigned me someone.  I was sleeping in when I noticed the sounds...


jonspangler1's picture

by jonspangler1
Sep 17, 2014

Dear SNAP, 

My name is Jonathan and I am an independant filmmaker working on a documentary about a crimefighter who lived in Nairobi during the 1970s and 80s and killed hundreds of suspects. He also worked as a humanitarian at an...


Ryandix757's picture

by Ryandix757
Sep 13, 2014

So you know that friend , the stubborn one ,the one that you can show facts and grafs to prove your point but they still think there rite . Yea that one , well that guy just happend to be one of my best friends in high school , not to...


cjross's picture

by cjross
Sep 13, 2014

I once knew a guy named Officer Honey. Well he had a real name of course, but the way Officer Honey and his horse Cinnamon got their nicknames was far more intriguing than just being the in the San Francisco US Park Police a horse mounted officer...


sampaulpaulsam's picture

by sampaulpaulsam
Sep 05, 2014

On March 7th 2009 I arrived in the city of Midland, TX on a grey hound bus at 5am. I was seventeen years old, I had no money, no identifacation of any kind, the only clothes I had were the ones on my back and I only weighed 120 pounds, Im...


cspecter's picture

by cspecter
Aug 28, 2014

From 2004-2006 I helped to edit and promote a documentary film called "The Dreams of Sparrows". The film was produced by my good friend Aaron Raskin and was directed by an Iraqi man, in Baghdad, named Haydar Daffar. After the US invaded...


ajlester's picture

by ajlester
Aug 27, 2014

When my father began his slide down the steep slope of ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease, my parents moved to a cheerful retirement community.  Dinner started early there, and when it was done, residents socialized at the mailboxes near the...