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cjross's picture

by cjross
May 23, 2014

It was the summer of 1973. My family was staying at the Redefer Court Cottages at Dewey Beach, Delaware. I was eleven years old and my younger sister was nine. We stayed at the cottages every summer for one week from Saturday to Saturday. This...


rbishop@hampmach.com's picture

by rbishop@hampmach.com
May 15, 2014

My older sister determined fairly early, that she wanted to be a mortition. This was in a world where no women funeral directors existed except your family owned business and the women were usally the bookkeepers or the secretary. Rarely did...


mikecressy's picture

by mikecressy
May 13, 2014

Mom was a big fan of the movies and so when I lived in Los Angeles she came for a visit from Michigan with her sister May. (Short for Matina. A good Greek name.)

I took her to many of the standard L.A. haunts but I think she got the...


cjross's picture

by cjross
May 08, 2014

In 1973, I was a fifth grader at Folger McKinsey Elementary School. Every morning we'd say our pledge of allegiance and sing our school song, "Folger McKinsey to you we sing." Two of our classmates decided to create a club called...


Christopher Rivas's picture

by Christopher Rivas
May 07, 2014






CarlParkCity's picture

by CarlParkCity
May 02, 2014

“The Blue Line Gypsies” As told by Parker Hansen

I hope this topic hasn’t been discussed…


This story follows three American tourists and two Hungarians on the above ground metro in Budapest,...


cjross's picture

by cjross
May 02, 2014

I never wanted to join the Boy Scouts. My parents tried to get me to join, but I resisted. I loved the outdoors, but on my own terms not in a paramilitary regimented fashion. I always bristled at the bureaucracy and autocracy that scouts...


PeterBerube's picture

by PeterBerube
Apr 30, 2014

This piece was first performed at the Beyond Imagination Story Slam at the Cupcake Theater in Los Angeles. 




DorothyK's picture

by DorothyK
Apr 29, 2014

MP4 video downloaded


KeithLowell's picture

by KeithLowell
Apr 28, 2014

My friend Dale made a living playing Santa Claus. When Dale passed away his widow, Jean, did her best to honor Dale's wish to have a fun service rather than a stodgy, mopey funeral. Dales friends were contacted to perform music, read poetry,...


KellyGerMalone's picture

by KellyGerMalone
Apr 27, 2014

Just over two years ago, lying in a dark room, sleeping off a hangover, Mike Scott says that he would never have pictured jetting off to Hawaii to speak at the World Indigenous Education Conference.



leighsprague's picture

by leighsprague
Apr 26, 2014

Audio recording attached.


DuPey's picture

by DuPey
Apr 24, 2014

Milo was a drunk. Milo was my Daddy, but I never called him Dad.  I called him Milo. Sometimes he woke up on Sunday morning and he made these great pancakes, a mix of nine flours, eggs and bacon grease, I think he made them for me in hopes...


durkee@rdlawnet.com's picture

by durkee@rdlawnet.com
Apr 13, 2014

It was a Monday.  A Monday like any other Monday.  Just another workday.  I was racing around from place to place.  I barely had time to talk to my daughter who was traveling back to Gainesville for college.  When she...


Pocoloconat's picture

by Pocoloconat
Apr 12, 2014

Norma needs to get in contact with Jim Benzoni, an immigration lawyer in DesMoines, Iowa. He is one of the best, does some pro-bono work, and if anyone can help her, he can. His email is: jamesbenzoni@...