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nickheffar's picture

by nickheffar
Mar 01, 2014

The magic of iphone 5c blue are all set to create sensation in the fourth quarter of 2014, The handset is also famous by the names of ...

cjross's picture

by cjross
Feb 27, 2014

Ninja Rescue

My friend Danny was a cop in San Francisco. He worked midnights. He liked to hang out at Hunt’s Donut Shop on Chestnut Street and flirt with all the ladies. He wasn’t the best or the brightest policeman. He was...



rhpeterson's picture

by rhpeterson
Feb 25, 2014

I started my life of crime rather late, around the age of 37. My kids didn’t know of my criminal inclinations, but my wife had her suspicions. I’d spoken with her briefly about them before we married, but it was a subject we never...


cjross's picture

by cjross
Feb 25, 2014

The Kitten Whisperer

I’ve been called many things from problem solver to trouble shooter, but never a cat whisperer.  I like cats, but I’m allergic to them. We had two cats growing up, but it wasn’t until I was a...


gorocketgo's picture

by gorocketgo
Feb 23, 2014

When I was just a 10 year old boy, I met CJ. He was good at dodge ball and always jumped in front of me to take the hit, hoping to catch the ball and throw it back.

There was something about this boy that was different than the rest. He...


cmurene's picture

by cmurene
Feb 23, 2014



"NO, kids, we're NOT getting a Cat: Daddy's allergic…."

At least, that's what I told them when we settled into our new house in 2006.

Truth is, I've always been a bit wary...


oddbygod's picture

by oddbygod
Feb 22, 2014

It's amazing how often my elderly hospice patients advise me to live without fear, love with everything I have, enjoy life while I'm still young, and do what makes me happy. They say this so often I've come to believe they are...


Linda Summersea's picture

by Linda Summersea
Feb 21, 2014

The events leading up to a night at a legendary (and now defunct) Mississippi juke joint.



Feb 21, 2014

It was a calm and beautiful summer's day. I was doing the regular summer thing to do in suburbia, which was avoiding anything to do with the outside, because numbing your brain with video games was a much easier prospect, when I was...


cjross's picture

by cjross
Feb 21, 2014

Rite of Passage


About 8 years ago I read Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink – it’s main thesis is that instant, blink of an eye, conclusions are valid.

So I finish Blink & the very next day I’m at a gallery opening in SF.  Suddenly...


Like wallpaper on a wall not all memories can be retired. 

This tale started in days long past - I was young and all was fresh. I had more of a future than a past.

Sarah was 26 to my 21.

I was travelling in Europe post 2...


tomhouston's picture

by tomhouston
Feb 20, 2014

For my 60th birthday, I took by son and daughter and my daughter’s fiancé, Doug,  to Zambia Africa for a walking safari.  My son, daughter and I had all been out on trails before with the Wilderness Leadership...


timloudly's picture

by timloudly
Feb 18, 2014


Quiet? Nope, just pressurizing.