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I’m here telling this story because I was told to quit my day job and go out and be a comedian.

Ok, that’s not entirely true, I was fired. 

But have you ever begun working in a job and later felt worker remorse?...


cjross's picture

by cjross
Jan 31, 2014

On July 28, 1996, I was preparing to leave my office in San Francisco for a promotion in New York. Four of my office mates decided to throw me a going away party in the form of an...


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by flowerchilld
Jan 27, 2014



cjross's picture

by cjross
Jan 27, 2014

In the 1980's, I ran with a group of high school friends who were always engaging in thrill seeking adventure. Adventure could be building our own illegal homecoming float in the shape of a giant eat me cake or hosting an epic toga party...


cjross's picture

by cjross
Jan 27, 2014

On December 11, 1995, I was called in at 430 am to...


My friend Chris attended an exclusive art school in Philadelphia. Chris and I had been friends since grade school. Chris was always a talented artist, but the art school extenuated his drawing skills. Chris could look at something and accurately...


moorelaculous's picture

by moorelaculous
Jan 27, 2014

I lie curled tightly in the fetal position shivering on the cold concrete floor. I awake and inhale the stench of urine. All at once the urge to relieve myself overwhelms me. No longer caring who sees me I make my way over to the metal toilet,...


AbbieShesAbbie's picture

by AbbieShesAbbie
Jan 22, 2014

Growing up in a house of 9, made up of seven children and three adults, I had to plan and pick my escapes wisely. We were never allowed to be out after dark, or leave our yard without permission. My extended family is even larger, and at a...


alexmstein's picture

by alexmstein
Jan 16, 2014

She stood before me.  Holding a record in her hand...

[Listen to the entire piece here.]


sameasis's picture

by sameasis
Jan 11, 2014

Comprehension!  Is it at all possible?

What I am about to explain, you already know.  The single difference you will notice is that you have never understood that which you knew...till now, if you challenge with an open mind....


calliefife's picture

by calliefife
Jan 08, 2014

Names have been changed


cjross's picture

by cjross
Jan 08, 2014

Deep in the Absaroka Mountains, all that stands between an attacking black bear and two students' lives is their outdoor leadership bear training.

Just a few more steps up the backpacking trail. Looking at a map in a thick stand of...



You may still find survivors associated with my personal training roaming circular This town talking British having a wide Dublin highlight. ''. Would you concur?. The woman's sibling who's annually over the age of...


It used to be that every person paid with cash, or maybe a check, for anything, everywhere. However, we now live in the credit and debit card era and are heading for mobile payments, but one should constantly make an effort to tip waiters with...


snapjudgementlover's picture

by snapjudgementlover
Dec 22, 2013

I am 16 years old and I got a doll for christmas! I'm thinking anything but a doll i'm 16 years old for petes sake! Am I to old for this? My 7 year old sister plays with them and says there fun, but i'm no 7 year old. Maybe I...