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Eczuleger's picture

by Eczuleger
Nov 14, 2013

  I want to tell you a story about burns. The Communists burned the books first. Anything that offended the tastes of the party was burned. Books were the worst because they spread ideas like diseases. They burned them. The intellectuals,...


It is December 1946, early afternoon on the day before Christmas. I am a prisoner of war in a labor camp in Russia. It is the second Christmas away from home. A few other German prisoners and I are outside to decorate a giant spruce tree in our...


I was 23 and on an adventure to find myself traveling around New Zealand solo. It was when I was checking out a community bulletin board when I saw a small cat scratch sign that said "crew wanted". I called the number and talked to an...


markredmond's picture

by markredmond
Nov 01, 2013

My well-intentioned effort to drive a boy's basketball team to their game ends up with the threat of violence, if they should dare to win.....


lshallat's picture

by lshallat
Oct 26, 2013

A few years ago right at this time of year, when I still lived in Santiago, Chile, I was walking home and listening on my ipod to the Snap Judgment Halloween broadcast about true ghost stories. 

The sunset on the Andes mountains was...


justinleoncomedy's picture

by justinleoncomedy
Oct 25, 2013

This is not a joke. This is a holiday story from me to you.


It was Christmas night

The year was 2007

The final one before grandmothers trip up to heaven

The family all gathered, with our hearts filled...


Christopher Youngblood's picture

by Christopher You...
Oct 23, 2013

This is the story of my decision to stop participating in a broken public mental health system. It was tough to tell, so please be forgiving for the . . . poor audio quality, inarticulateness, plot holes--just, you know, everything that tends to...


Christopher Youngblood's picture

by Christopher You...
Oct 23, 2013

This is the story of my failure to come to grips with the fact that patients in a mental hospital deserve humane treatment, such that I participated in an unnecessary restraint. 


Last summer I was listening to Snap Judgement's “The Return” episode, and when Glynn Washington said during the opening, “...there’s an urge that makes us want to go back, to revisit, to remember, to recollect…...


alexbutler86's picture

by alexbutler86
Oct 22, 2013

While the books sit quietly on the shelves, the jeans lumped on the floor, rain patters outside. It’s my first full day in Germany and I’m in a stranger’s bed, typing away trying to figure out how exactly I got here. The books...


luisurcuyo's picture

by luisurcuyo
Oct 21, 2013






Above video explains...


most sculptural heels: Pierre Hardy, compared with other well-known footwear brand, was founded in 1999 in France brand P ierr eHardy younger generation can only be considered, but in fact we should have been through Dior, Hermes's footwear...


Tanna Rose's picture

by Tanna Rose
Oct 16, 2013

It was my freshman year in college.  I had just started out on, what I was sure would be, a journey that would take me far, far away from the country village in Michigan's thumb which I had known for nearly ten years.  My father had...


wesleybishop's picture

by wesleybishop
Oct 11, 2013

This was my first vacation with friends and no family, I was 16 and felt like I was finally getting some freedom to do my own thing. There were 6 of us going on this trip and none of us had much money so we had our friends Dad handling the budget...


Nolan Saito's picture

by Nolan Saito
Oct 11, 2013

So, I am the youngest of four kids in my house. We are all two years apart(except for me) and all of us do ballet dancing(exept my 2nd oldest brother quit). So my oldest brother is naturally the most serious about ballet and he went to a...