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Chloe Macho's picture

by Chloe Macho
Sep 11, 2012

  Two Decembers ago my aunt was murdered. She was attacked at 2 in the afternoon in a park where I used to feed ducks as a little kid. Newspapers all around town pasted the story everywhere. They revealed gruesome details of the murder...


lederwoman's picture

by lederwoman
Sep 05, 2012

My father likes to look at women. Short women. Tall women. Fat women. Asian women.  Women who are bound and gagged and chained to a radiator. Naked women beaten and burned and humiliated. Screaming, begging, pleading women...


lederwoman's picture

by lederwoman
Sep 05, 2012





raylie51's picture

by raylie51
Sep 04, 2012

Hi I'm Ellie Kirk. So, its dance team tryouts, i go up there and preform and i slip. i brake my ribs and two ankles. i'm down. but i listen to your show and am happy


Riley Hutchens's picture

by Riley Hutchens
Sep 04, 2012

In my 3rd year of college, I had a mild flritation with a guy we'll call Mike. I liked hanging out with Mike a lot because he was fun, inclusive, everyone loved him, easy to talk to and he was the life of the party. But as much as I wanted to be...


Here is my story suggestion for one of your story writting editors to research and write up.


High Fives Non-Profit Foundation's picture

by High Fives Non-...
Aug 28, 2012

The High Fives Foundation took a group Winter Empowerment Fund Athletes to San Clemente, CA to learn the sport of adaptive surfing at San Onofre State Park’s “Dog Patch” beach. Athletes Steve Wallace, Taylor Fiddyment, Landon...


stopdoubletaxation@yahoo.fr's picture

by stopdoubletaxat...
Aug 26, 2012

Hi, I see that on my NPR applet on iPhone  I can't see the old (under #100 and lots of other) episodes of SnapJudgement and some of them I'd like to hear again.  How can I search for them?   ...


gg182gg's picture

by gg182gg
Aug 14, 2012

He stepped outside his modest, two-bedroom apartment and walked towards the bus stop just a block away. Gabriel was a young man, about twenty six who worked the overnight shift as a stocker at a local grocery store. He was of modest means but...


bennypmo's picture

by bennypmo
Aug 13, 2012

December 2003, Rochester, NY. After dropping a friends off, I had pulled up to a red light at the corner of Alexander St. and Monroe Ave (about 2 blocks from my apartment). I looked over to the Arby’s to my right and took note of 5 foot...


 My partner is a member of the Michigan Burt Lake Band of Indians.The BLB were named in treaties along with many other tribes. 


Brian Collett's picture

by Brian Collett
Aug 10, 2012

 Hi I was not sure how to forward this but I thought you might find these three naratives interesting. Michael, my son is a student at Penn State and had formulated a special "project" with one of his professors. There are three...


Lance Garland's picture

by Lance Garland
Aug 07, 2012

 My name is Lance Garland, a Navy Veteran and recent University of Washington graduate who has been hard at work on my memoir about the inside story of Don't Ask Don't Tell. I've decided to donate the first public reading to defend...


jabils's picture

by jabils
Aug 05, 2012

It was the month of May back in 1987.  My youngest son had just been born.  I already had 3 boys at home. but was happy to welcome this new little bundle into our family.  After a few days in the hospital,  I brought my new...