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jabils's picture

by jabils
Aug 05, 2012

It was the month of May back in 1987.  My youngest son had just been born.  I already had 3 boys at home. but was happy to welcome this new little bundle into our family.  After a few days in the hospital,  I brought my new...


Lauren Davis's picture

by Lauren Davis
Aug 05, 2012





muambeiros's picture

by muambeiros
Aug 03, 2012

 January 31, 1967 Chad Channing born

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Paul Tucker's picture

by Paul Tucker
Jul 29, 2012

Rain began to fall as I watched the bus which had just abandoned me disappear down

the road. It seemed to be just one more fiasco in a week filled with misadventure.


I had spent that summer in 1967 working at two jobs...


jwboyd's picture

by jwboyd
Jul 28, 2012



Denial's picture

by Denial
Jul 27, 2012

The best song since 1987, axel roses and cia linkkei


UncleJubb's picture

by UncleJubb
Jul 22, 2012

The story of a cat with an odd solution to a serious problem.


mhartong's picture

by mhartong
Jul 20, 2012

 I can’t claim that my parents didn’t love me. I’m not one of those lucky kids who get to use that as an excuse to justify their shoplifting and array of tattoos. My parents loved me they just didn’t watch me very...


jacqueline.helbert's picture

by jacqueline.helbert
Jul 18, 2012


The technician did an ultrasound and delivered the shocking news that she could clearly see two distinct heartbeats. While the teenagers were reeling over this, the technician scanned back over Mom’s stomach...


how to win at roulette's picture

by how to win at r...
Jul 15, 2012

snapjudgment.org amazes me all the time
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Patchouli Drop's picture

by Patchouli Drop
Jul 13, 2012

 Glynn, et. al,

I love Snap Judgment.  I would like to enter into a plural marriage with the entire staff of the show and live my life as part of a story-filled family of snappers.

Barring that, I would like to submit the...


tmpsull's picture

by tmpsull
Jul 10, 2012

I sit in a parking lot with a student and watch a woman drive circles around our parked car. She loops repeatedly in a big black truck, flashing a peace sign and shouting “You can do it Matt, you can do it!!” She's pumping her son up...


 What the hell am I doing? I am an overweight (possibly obese) African American women "jogging" down the street. One would have thought I was the big bad wolf in the story "The Three Pigs". As hard as I was breathing, I...


zabormaki's picture

by zabormaki
Jun 23, 2012

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John Panzer's picture

by John Panzer
Jun 18, 2012

She closed the book, placed it on the table, and finally, decided to walk through the door. I was told her name was Melanie and she would be finishing my intake. “Your nose is a little crooked,” she said with motherly concern. “I got into a fight...