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momolina's picture

by momolina
Jul 17, 2011

Its hot.  I am in the shade and still baking, still waiting for R(i)TA the patron saint of desperate, lost causes.  She stays busy in this city that care forgot.  


My head sags, soaked in the steam rising from...


Urban Voodoo's picture

by Urban Voodoo
Jul 17, 2011

Hello. My name is Micheaux Fortson. I go by the trade name UrbanVoodoo. I am a Spoken Word Artist from Inglewood California by way of New Orleans, Louisiana. I have been writing for most of my life although in my early years I was often in some...


yanatha's picture

by yanatha
Jul 17, 2011


jordanmichaelg's picture

by jordanmichaelg
Jul 17, 2011

Death Of Dreams                                      ...


lilphelon's picture

by lilphelon
Jul 16, 2011


Christian and Ryan, January 1st 2006, gone but not forgotten,

it was the day them baby boys had to go home to...


lilphelon's picture

by lilphelon
Jul 16, 2011

DE-construsted!  Destructive!  My world’s stuck crumblin’,

It’s crushed in, I wish these walls would combust with this day sucked in,



lilphelon's picture

by lilphelon
Jul 16, 2011


Concealed n' confined, compressed with time, locked up and convicted of a sensless crime.

Now comprised of the night this moonlit hustla is compelled to find, a conspicuous enlightened mindful eye on why or just a sign.



Jay McElroy's picture

by Jay McElroy
Jul 16, 2011

He walked in

Sat down, head down

Back row bump on MY log

Silently defying me


pavdogent's picture

by pavdogent
Jul 16, 2011



Dan Sullivan's picture

by Dan Sullivan
Jul 14, 2011

 One thing I love about the art of storytelling, radio, and this platform is its ability to give voice to those who don't always have a voice.  With that said, I'm a former skateboarder.  I say former because once I was at this six...


J.p. Couling's picture

by J.p. Couling
Jul 11, 2011

Back about three years ago, as a 6th grader in middle school I decided to start up a rock n roll band. Me and my best man Dyl and Alex started banging on cardboard boxes with J. Geils and ACDC blasting in a loudspeaker in the basement of suburban...


 My life is full of snap judgments, too many to even tell, perhaps the capacity for rapid change is even a genetic inheritance, as I am the direct result of 2 people libel to make a snap judgment. The road to my formation started when both...


olson.julia's picture

by olson.julia
Jul 08, 2011

 My evangelical parents kept me very well protected during my teenage years. My curfews were ridiculous, my boyfriends were always well informed about my father's gun collection, and my ass was in church every Sunday. Normally, I...


Chris Zelidon's picture

by Chris Zelidon
Jul 06, 2011

in the early morning on a sunny, a young hispanic boy makes his way to school. he passes his tagged fences, dogs barking in his neighborhood and passing cars with radio blasting loud music. he comes across his school and no one greets him, no one...