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Chris Zelidon's picture

by Chris Zelidon
Jul 06, 2011

in the early morning on a sunny, a young hispanic boy makes his way to school. he passes his tagged fences, dogs barking in his neighborhood and passing cars with radio blasting loud music. he comes across his school and no one greets him, no one...


hakim's picture

by hakim
Jul 05, 2011

1st poem of a 3 poem set performed by 2005 National Poetry Slam Champions Team Member and 2006 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational Champs Team Member, Hakim Bellamy. Performed at the South Broadway Cultural Center in Albuquerque, NM as...


hakim's picture

by hakim
Jul 05, 2011

A humorous poem and performance about the father I'd want to be, the conversations I hope to have, and the son that males me proud by always asking questions...no matter how tired I get of answering them......


hakim's picture

by hakim
Jul 05, 2011

Full Blooded Italian Boy – by hakim bellamy

Full Blooded Italian Boy
Son of a good ol’
God fearin’, Godfather, Got’dam ma that’s some killa pasta
Italian papa
And a momma

With a...


SarahGale's picture

by SarahGale
Jul 02, 2011

 In the Spring of 1994, I made a careless mistake that I thought would devastate my life plan. Instead it brought me the exact thing I’d been trying and failing to get my hands on for years.

Since I was a child...


 My life is full of snap judgments, too many to even tell, perhaps the capacity for rapid change is even a genetic inheritance  as I am the direct result of 2 people libel to make a snap judgment. The road to my formation came in the...


WoodStockGranny's picture

by WoodStockGranny
Jun 28, 2011


“Never buy a bridge while you’re in Brooklyn”

(From the song: “Never Buy Texas from a Cowboy” by The Brides of Funkenstein)...


An indignant victim stood face to face with the brazen hardened robber who had, not so long ago, relieved him of his property. They were surrounded by a curious and expectant mob. It not only annoyed the Ivy league educated, well...


jackie_pl94142's picture

by jackie_pl94142
Jun 21, 2011

During the summer after my junior year of high school, I worked at Tecumseh Woods Camp in Tipton, MI.  I was the breakfast cook.  Every morning, I would get up just after dawn, shower  and make my way down to the kitchen to prepare...


natkirk's picture

by natkirk
Jun 19, 2011

I created 12 w/e retreats for Gays, Lesbians, Mormons and Fundamentalists to find out they could love each other without agreeing with each other.

Each retreat, about half the participants were repeaters. About 80 different people...


This was a poem I wrote for a friend of mine.  We use to write graffiti in the subways in Chicago together before he passed away.  I hope you enjoy!


Check me out at...


revkevinhale's picture

by revkevinhale
Jun 15, 2011

I heard the plug for the Father's Day show and had to tell this childhood story.



Steven Swanberg's picture

by Steven Swanberg
Jun 14, 2011

Why I thought it would be a good idea to hitchike to California . . . from Michigan . . . in late December . . . . I don't really know.  But I was prepared.  Had my bright orange official Air Force survival jumpsuit, with 101 pockets,...


Margaret Bermel's picture

by Margaret Bermel
Jun 12, 2011

How to Live Cancer Free – “The Cancer Odyssey” by Margaret Bermel
Bill Henderson interviews Margaret Bermel about her new book called “The Cancer Odyssey.”
Margaret researched cancer treatment options and...