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Kebaker's picture

by Kebaker
Feb 07, 2011

When One Door Closes, another Opens




crowns19's picture

by crowns19
Feb 05, 2011

My name is Sean Christopher Lewis my story "ISN'T IT SLO-MANTIC" was part of last we


lmbyers's picture

by lmbyers
Feb 05, 2011

One of the turning-point events in my life occurred when I started college.  I was very excited to start a new chapter in my life.  I was looking forward to meeting new people, my classes, and the freedom that comes with it. ...


mrosenbarger's picture

by mrosenbarger
Feb 04, 2011



hjmedler's picture

by hjmedler
Feb 04, 2011

            ‘How could this have happened?’ ‘What have I just done?’ ‘Please let this be a dream?’  Those were the thoughts that...


Tyler Severson's picture

by Tyler Severson
Feb 04, 2011


Rhonda Carr's picture

by Rhonda Carr
Feb 03, 2011

Late one Friday night when I was 17, I got into a huge fight with my older brother who caught me and "my boyfriend-at -the-time" in a, shall we say,  a compromising position in the closet of my bedroom.  Needless to...


shotwagner's picture

by shotwagner
Feb 03, 2011


Africanloser's picture

by Africanloser
Jan 27, 2011

A year ago I boarded a bus on East 18th Street headed to downtown Oakland. I sat in the back of the bus, reading a book. A black woman in her early 40s, clad in a cowboy hat and boots, blue jeans and a brown leather jacket,...


judianne's picture

by judianne
Jan 25, 2011

The recent podcast, Snap Judgment #202: Abducted,  prompted me to write this essay about my experience of being adopted.
Adoption is perfectly legal, so why-or how-could it be compared to the experience of being abducted?


geoffkagantrenchard's picture

by geoffkagantrenchard
Jan 25, 2011

The Quarter-Pound Giant Burger across the street from my apartment is a greasy beacon of light that watches the liquor store close and the crack den open. This is where the still

but furious grill...


eddie8604's picture

by eddie8604
Jan 24, 2011

Monday night football is on, you watch the game in it’s entirety. As you watch, you interpret, analyze, and deduce authentic original thoughts from the game you have just witnessed. (Assuming you do not just listen to the commentators from...


Happy First Day of the New Year. I woke late this morning because my evening was slightly longer than I anticipated.  Let me tell you about last night.



lynnruth's picture

by lynnruth
Jan 18, 2011




This is a traditional Hindu tale recorded in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in February 2010 in a cafe to an audience of over 30 people. The storyteller is John David Hickey (...