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coldkoolin's picture

by coldkoolin
Oct 14, 2010

Rebecca Hertz is a star student, to get into her dream college she simply needs to ace one final presentation.  


So Rebecca chooses the most compelling subject she can think of: female anatomy.  (...


Jacques E Nyemb's picture

by Jacques E Nyemb
Oct 14, 2010

 Just another tale of a nerdy student (from another country) and his battle with the bus bully. 


When I was 19 I found out my girlfriend (my first) was a hooker. Instead of breaking up I decided to bust into the whorehouse and rescue her. Fun! The story's about first love, dead parents, a rusty pistol from the civil war and a gift I will...


Jacques E Nyemb's picture

by Jacques E Nyemb
Oct 13, 2010

 Just another tale of a nerdy student (from another country) and his inability to come up with a favorite song. 


omar's picture

by omar
Oct 12, 2010

I can’t stand poop. It’s pretty much the smell. The visage and tactile sensation doesn’t bother me to point that the smell does. That is why having kids triggered a thought reflex along the lines of holy crap here comes the poop...


Jacques E Nyemb's picture

by Jacques E Nyemb
Oct 12, 2010

 This is a story  about my first day of class as a nerdy student (from another country) in the USA. 


sparkice's picture

by sparkice
Oct 12, 2010

I was on a trip to China, walking through the streets of Shenzhen, city of 12 million, when I was abducted, hustled up to an apartment, tied down, mugged, and interrogated for the credit card pin numbers I never use and could not remember....


 There is  this time. Its in every persons life, it is the point in time when a young child is old enough to fully comprehend, but too young to have the proper fear. This space between is fleeting yes, tiny compared to the...


firstLady591's picture

by firstLady591
Oct 11, 2010

In the fall of 1998 I was 27 and really working hard of getting my life together.  You see before that time I was kind of wild child.  But by Sept, I had quit sleeping around.  Not drinking.  Not taking drugs.  I had a...


fieldjo@aol.com's picture

by fieldjo@aol.com
Oct 11, 2010


I'm a Moth Storyteller and writer (NY Press, Saturday Night Live) -- Here's a recent story, the one about me lying about being 14 and working at the local...


EmeryAwesome's picture

by EmeryAwesome
Oct 10, 2010

Dark Blue,
will you take me too,
steal me away like you did the rest?

Its peaceful here,
my fate I no longer fear,
but I am not happy,
with this peace I cannot share,
this burden im unable to bare.



MarcyM's picture

by MarcyM
Oct 10, 2010

Mendelson Images - Direct link to story with pictures


In the fall of ’93, I was studying in...


Rik letendre's picture

by Rik letendre
Oct 09, 2010

 (wanted to send an audio form with music and such- but your head might create that from written form)


coldkoolin's picture

by coldkoolin
Oct 08, 2010

Get ready!
Today, Snap Judgment proudly drops a brand new episode: BREAKING IN.  
Go ahead.  ...



At 7:30am., 02 October 2010, I rose from my bed wondering; how would the day end?