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stevenberkowitz's picture

by stevenberkowitz
Sep 23, 2010

Beautiful bride, supportive parents.  I had one of those.  Told live at Storytelling at the Perch in Brooklyn.  Enjoy, despite the quality of the audio.  


Gina Douglas's picture

by Gina Douglas
Sep 22, 2010

An eight year-old boy confronts God, in the Brides Room of the synogogue.


Justin Richardson's picture

by Justin Richardson
Sep 21, 2010

Hey Snap Judgement!  Well, I figured since Halloween is just around the corner I'd send you a ghost story of my own. You ever feel like sometimes things don't add up? Enjoy!


charlotteellen's picture

by charlotteellen
Sep 14, 2010

A man stumbles, slightly drunk, out of the Golden Cicada and walks ahead of me down Grand Street. Across the street a cardboard tube of Pringles is dropped out of the driver’s window of a car stopped at the light. Narrowly missing...


Ten Fingers's picture

by Ten Fingers
Sep 11, 2010

Dave Thomason told this story at Ten Fingers, the San Francisco storytelling even where anybody can spin a tale. He won first prize and took home $150 for his trouble. Sign up to tell YOUR story at the next Ten Fingers on Sept. 15th or...


Listen now to the first sixty seconds of "The Story" . . .


Brand new episode dropping THIS WEEKEND, baby!




Erica Olivier's picture

by Erica Olivier
Sep 08, 2010


I made my mom an unwed teen mother. Back in the '70's, teen pregnancy wasn't exactly common in her town, but it seems there also wasn't the stigma attached that may have existed just a decade before. I doubt she found many...


So, 11 days before I turn 30 years old,I experience a complete "Soul Shift", (I'll speak in non concluding terms) literally within a three hour time period.  It all started when I decided to figure out who I was, so I pulled up...








     Everyone in my family knows that my brother is a pathological liar, so imagine our surprise when he turned up as the star witness in a murder trial.  Every since he was a little boy he would just lie...


David Scott's picture

by David Scott
Sep 05, 2010

Six months at sea.  Live and love in the bowels of a cruise ship.


Erica Olivier's picture

by Erica Olivier
Sep 01, 2010

By the time I was 8, I had a rudimentary understanding of sex. I had three siblings and basically understood how they'd come to be. My grandmother was a nurse, after all, and didn't tend toward sugar-coating, so my questions had been answered...


Malenun's picture

by Malenun
Sep 01, 2010


My name is Don Hansen and I have a story that I think fits right in with the theme of your show.  Thank you in advance for reading.

I was living in Kingman AZ. in 1994.  Had a job I hated and a girl friend that......


Every time I've told this story, it's been spun for one of three reasons (occasionally, it's an amalgam of all these reasons). But, the common denominator in each case is, at the end of the day, this story gets a laugh... right after a shudder....


Sheri Bailey's picture

by Sheri Bailey
Aug 29, 2010


The Awful Grace of God
By Sheri Bailey