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Zoe Marsh-Leigh's picture

by Zoe Marsh-Leigh
Jul 25, 2010

Diary Entry:


RexMantooth's picture

by RexMantooth
Jul 23, 2010



rebecca64's picture

by rebecca64
Jul 22, 2010

A long time ago, I lived in California for six years.
The first two years were like an exciting adventure,
the next two seemed darker than the bowels of hell,
and the last two were like a slow, agonizing recovery.


rebecca64's picture

by rebecca64
Jul 22, 2010


The story of the death of a fellow employee, and finding the irony of the situation...


With music and audio to boot.


coldkoolin's picture

by coldkoolin
Jul 22, 2010

We're crazy excited about this one!

Listen now to the first 60 seconds of Snap Judgment, Superheroes: Origin Stories.

Get ready, we'll have the whole episode right here, later this weekend!



stephaniesays's picture

by stephaniesays
Jul 21, 2010

Wayne Hendrickson was UCSC's favorite Proctor/Campus Security Officer for 20 years. Now retired, he shared some of his best memories of mischief and debauchery with Snap Judgment. During the first big rain of the year, everyone on campus gets...


Christopher Untitled Jones's picture

by Christopher Unt...
Jul 20, 2010





James Edward Mills's picture

by James Edward Mills
Jul 19, 2010

The truths discovered in documentary films often reveal far more than meet the eye. In his Oscar winning movie “the Cove” photojournalist...


stevenberkowitz's picture

by stevenberkowitz
Jul 16, 2010

 An American hippie boy travels around Europe and learns what lines customs officials will and will not cross, recorded fresh for Snap Judgment.


Jolene Oldham's picture

by Jolene Oldham
Jul 15, 2010

Do you remember us? We’d cry in movies and punch you in the arm if you made fun of us for doing so. Maybe not verse or prose, but we always said something really funny. No one knew until much later how good we gave head as it was never...


19connie63's picture

by 19connie63
Jul 14, 2010

When I found myself pregnant at the age of 19 in an era when pregnancy without a partner was not acceptable and one was generally looked down upon for their wayward ways, and when abortion was not legal or a viable option, I decided that I would...


Mr. Parick's picture

by Mr. Parick
Jul 14, 2010

Story is Audio with music


Mr. Parick's picture

by Mr. Parick
Jul 14, 2010

Story is Audio with music


Mr. Parick's picture

by Mr. Parick
Jul 14, 2010