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Chris Quilisch's picture

by Chris Quilisch
Aug 06, 2010

 Becky Wahlstrom - Write Club



theroyalscrewgee's picture

by theroyalscrewgee
Aug 03, 2010

Was Glynn Washington telling me his story. Dump the interviews and let it snap. Storytelling with a beat, hosted by Glynn Washington. Get rid of the "Real Sex" street interviews and you've got a program. And no program breaks.


arispect's picture

by arispect
Aug 02, 2010

As a kid, I always thought carrot cake defied the very notion of cakedom. First, it was made with carrots, definitely not nestled near the top of the food pyramid with chocolate and brown sugar and frosting and everything else that gets filed...



We've got your weekend starter right here....


g.b. mcneill's picture

by g.b. mcneill
Jul 29, 2010

 She had asked for a Rice Crispy Treat. 


Dammit. My heart leapt into my throat. The tag on the tray said Marshmallow Bar. Can’t she read?



g.b. mcneill's picture

by g.b. mcneill
Jul 29, 2010

I had stopped what I was doing suddenly. Like the abrupt and offensive sound of a needle scratching an LP, my task had ceased. I looked up at him dumbfounded.


“I’m sorry, what?”



beccanater's picture

by beccanater
Jul 28, 2010

I read a book recently about how, when the phonograph was first created, people thought they could use it to communicate with the dead (Jonathan Sterne's "The Audible Past").  That gave me the idea for this project.  My sister...


MaxKlot's picture

by MaxKlot
Jul 26, 2010

In the nut shell:

I (Max) met her (Olga) back in 2003. I came back home from cooking job that I had at about 1.00 am one day and she was sleeping on our couch. My roommate invited her to stay with us for a while –...


Zoe Marsh-Leigh's picture

by Zoe Marsh-Leigh
Jul 25, 2010

Diary Entry:


RexMantooth's picture

by RexMantooth
Jul 23, 2010



rebecca64's picture

by rebecca64
Jul 22, 2010

A long time ago, I lived in California for six years.
The first two years were like an exciting adventure,
the next two seemed darker than the bowels of hell,
and the last two were like a slow, agonizing recovery.


rebecca64's picture

by rebecca64
Jul 22, 2010


The story of the death of a fellow employee, and finding the irony of the situation...


With music and audio to boot.


coldkoolin's picture

by coldkoolin
Jul 22, 2010

We're crazy excited about this one!

Listen now to the first 60 seconds of Snap Judgment, Superheroes: Origin Stories.

Get ready, we'll have the whole episode right here, later this weekend!



stephaniesays's picture

by stephaniesays
Jul 21, 2010

Wayne Hendrickson was UCSC's favorite Proctor/Campus Security Officer for 20 years. Now retired, he shared some of his best memories of mischief and debauchery with Snap Judgment. During the first big rain of the year, everyone on campus gets...