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most sculptural heels: Pierre Hardy, compared with other well-known footwear brand, was founded in 1999 in France brand P ierr eHardy younger generation can only be considered, but in fact we should have been through Dior, Hermes's footwear works a taste of P ierre H ardy avant-garde air jordan pas cher design style, has for these two fashion brands of footwear sector after the service, PierreHardy began to create their own independent brand name, will he for construction, printmaking, illustration, fashion, dance inspiration for many other more freely perfusion in the compact design of the shoes, so many people have even crazy sculptural Pierre Hardy heels dubbed the "abnormal high heels." PierreH ardy no secret of their preference for high heels, he is a beauty at all for people who know how to enjoy high heels and therefore only women can become painful Pierre Hardy's bosom.