Wishing Well

DE-construsted!  Destructive!  My world’s stuck crumblin’,

It’s crushed in, I wish these walls would combust with this day sucked in,

I wish my tears would cause these doors to rust in,

In a rush like when my world come bustin’ in,

When I got busted for hustlin’,


Betta hush then,  It’s a touchy subject to discuss when

I can’t let the world know I wuz dug into drugs strung out strugglin’

It’s a secret I keep deep down, now my stomaches disgusted from it,

FUCK IT! Wish my life wuzn’t so fucked up all of a sudden

Wish I didn’t have to cuss but I must when my buttons punched in,

I’m the one damed if I do it so it doesn’t matter does it?,

I just wish this day was done with but as the day goes by without hur I really wished it wuzn’t….

I wished away the pain today but I couldn’t wish away the hurt,

I just wish there wuz a wish to make that would make all these fuckin wishes work,


I’m still wishin’ well

Oh well,  wish I had a wishin’ well,  Oh well,

Wish there wuz a wish to help,

Me wish my way outta this wishin hell….oh well