ASH Part 1

This is the story of my failure to come to grips with the fact that patients in a mental hospital deserve humane treatment, such that I participated in an unnecessary restraint. 

I apologize for repeating certain phrases too many times, for not being able to come up with the word "coloring book," and for implying that all schizophrenics have the same broken lives that "extended-care" or chronic schizophrenics have. That last issue is the one I'm most upset over, but . . . It was so tough for me to tell this the first time that I've found a reason not to try again, hoping to repair those problems. The reason is that hoping Part II of this story isn't as bad. I'm embarrassed to send this version along, but I guess that's a fair reason to go ahead and do it. I'm sure that if I had a reason to retell it, I could do it better justice. Thanks for listening to me :)


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