mouth to mouth

Craig, a former minor league baseball player turned software executive had it with the software business.  So, naturally, he bought 5 pregnant asian water buffalo, rented 6 acres on a nothern California goat ranch and set out to make Italian bufala cheese. 

So, what does a water buffalo look like?  dark gray, 2,000 pounds, 5 feet tall at the shoulder and horns 2 feet long.  And those are the cute, girl type water buffalo.  This is the kind of critter than tigers won't take on.

One morning Craig notices a buffalo snout sticking out of the hind end of one of his dear buffalo cows.  Time for another beautiful baby buffalo to enter the world.  Craig goes to check on mom-to-be; but the other buffalo decide that she needs some space.  They form a protective wall - the sort of thing you might see at a soccer match, the players protecting the goal from a free kick.

Craig watches from a distance.  But, the calf is clearly not in good shape.  He's not sure what to do, but, his father was an obstetrician, so, he's got the general idea based on dinner table stories.  The baby calf slides out, but looks lifeless.  Craig slips past the protective wall of distressed buffalo cows,  kneels down in the muck and afterbirth near the pond behind a screen of trees where the calf was born.  He checks on the calf.  It's not breathing.  He clears it's air way.  It's still not breathing.  He pushes on its chest several times.  How do you give a 200 pound buffalo calf CPR?

Craig puts both hands on the calf's mouth, opens it and blows a strong breath into the calfs mouth. 

Now, that's about when the other buffalo start to get upset..


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