Interesting Photoshoot taken by 6 yr old boy.... with Autism

Check out what is interesting to a 6 year old boy with autism. He is my my nephew, and i never really understood his mindset until now. 


A photo journey into the world of a six-yea- old boy with moderate Autism. See his love and fear of the object world, as he profoundly expresses himself from behind the camera lens. Anyone who knows about Autism will understand the significance of the photos he captures. This slideshow is done in honor of Autism Awareness Month.


Antipsychotic drugs are now a big issue in United States. It became a big issue because they are now being given to children ages 2 and below.It has really caused an outrage to some parents because some of their children who have taken this drug has become sedated or at least drooling and overwieght.Parents don't like this kind of reaction to the bodies of their children.That's why we need to question ourself, is it really necessary for this kids to get or take this so called "antipsychotic" drugs? The answer is we don't know yet.I hope that the doctors will not use this as a way to treat children with ADHD, or autism for that matters.It is not for sure the first solution to this problem.Children are by nature have their own ways of coping with the world.They do their own way to answer their curiousity.Also, I think that it is not age appropriate if these toodlers or infants will receive medicines at very high doses.They are still very young and their bodies may have a hard time adjusting to thje drugs given.