Interesting Photoshoot taken by 6 yr old boy.... with Autism

Check out what is interesting to a 6 year old boy with autism. He is my my nephew, and i never really understood his mindset until now. 


A photo journey into the world of a six-yea- old boy with moderate Autism. See his love and fear of the object world, as he profoundly expresses himself from behind the camera lens. Anyone who knows about Autism will understand the significance of the photos he captures. This slideshow is done in honor of Autism Awareness Month.


WOW! I so identify with this because my son moderately autistic as well!! The Snowy Day was one of my sons favorite books! My son & I still play dominoes together and we have the kind that you posted in this piece!! I also use to have those fighting fish & my son loved to just watch them swim around!! Sometimes in the middle of walking forward he would turn right around & start walking backwards, all while laughing and cracking him self up! lol :-)

Raising my son wasn't always easy, but my Son taught me so much about patience & how to see things in a unique way! My Son made life very interesting!! He'll be 24 this month!

Thanku so much for posting this, it truly touched my heart!!