National Poetry Awards Coming to Raleigh, NC in August

(Raleigh, NC)--- Around the country, millions share the love of creative thought and writing. Now, North Carolina will have the opportunity to host those same brilliant minds.
On August 21st, the National Poetry Awards takes the stage at the Progress Energy Performing Arts Center in Raleigh, NC. Hosted by Michael Guinn from Irving, Texas & Co-Hosted By our very own Nikki Nicole from K97.5 FM Radio. This event is sponsored by Yo! Raps Magazine, International creative publication Tribes Magazine, Big Tyme TV, Shelly B, Lexi B. Net, Creative Impowerment, Truth DVD Magazine, Silent Myndz Entertainment, Sapphire Entertainment, Eclectic Media & O ENT Inc.
The awards ceremony will provide the scene to recognize poets and spoken word artist as a whole. Bringing all these beings under one roof brings much to those whose craft are the simple instruments of pen and paper.
"I am excited that this art form [poetry] has come to the forefront and is being honored," said Omar J. McCallop, Director of the National Poetry Awards. "Not since Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam has poetry had this type of international audience."
With open mics, coffee house venues and other artistic venues being highly popular in this day, it only seemed proper to give those who are known for their work a place and time to be recognized and honored for being at the root of music culture.
"The National Poetry Awards has been a dream of mine for years, I am excited that it is coming true and everyone is so supportive," said Troy "Poet" Lewis, Founder of the National Poetry Awards.
Nominations begin on March 15th - June 15Th. Nominee voting begins June 20th – July 20th.
The National Poetry is still looking for Presenting, Major, & More Media Sponsors. Donations are also accepted. You may also purchase tickets from
For more info: or call Troy Lewis directly (919)884-5525. Time is almost here and they really need your help. Please support the dream of artists.
Sasha Vann, Publicist


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