**question about old episodes of Snap Judgement

Hi, I see that on my NPR applet on iPhone  I can't see the old (under #100 and lots of other) episodes of SnapJudgement and some of them I'd like to hear again.  How can I search for them?    stopdoubletaxation@yahoo.fr


Xu Li goes to tone Zhang Rongfang of bureau of total bureau training is awaited into succession anthology big popular
Xu Li leaves certainly nowadays, allow who the director will be below tube bank center? At present candidate indeed many, but be willing the person of replace is not much however. Allow below it is reported person selected of director of tube bank center, possibility is the largest is most the Zhang Rongfang of vice director of tube bank center with hep outside. Zhang Rongfang ever was women's volleyball of 80 time China the absolutely brunt of the most brilliant period, after retiring, ever drilled with the bishop the identity guides Chinese women's volleyball, 1986 carry off on contest of world bright and beautiful champion of 5 the last world. Zhang Rongfang after this holds the position of Sichuan to save Sport Commission vice director, be moved Nike Shox Cheap to Beijing before long, take up the post of national Sport Commission to train vice director of center of bureau deputy director general, tube bank early or late. Although also ever be assigned personal responsibility for crosses other item, but still be in between time-sharing of her greater part with volleyball contact with. At present succession person selected of Xu Li still is a mystery, and Chinese women's volleyball holds the post of newly advocate handsome still pendent. The time that leaves a women's volleyball to establish new team at present already not much, a series of appointment of tube bank center the job, need to quicken. Article origin: Netease sports writer: Lyon