I Remember Poem:



My name is Tony Shavers III. I am a upcoming Spoken Word Artist from the Bay Area who simply enjoys writing poetry! It is my creative outlet to release tension, to talk about social issues that I feel aren't brought to the light as they should. I've tuned into quite a few Snap Judgement shows where some of my friends have blessed your very stage. Josh Healey, Chas Jackson, Ise Lyfe! All incredibly driven artists in their own ways. My goal is also to hopefully one day bless the stage with some of my poems.

One poem that I wrote is called I  Remember, that talks about my dad's incarceration and have really, I have grown up seeing him behind bars, starting at the tender age of 6 and then again at 14, and then again at 16.. and so fourth! I talk about what I saw as a child, how it hurts me to know that there may be a possibility that I can't trust you again! 


As of Jan 14, I released my first poetry album The Undeniable Truth that talks about social issues in America ranging from Youth Violence, Growing Old in Age, Gay Bullying, and even the rampant use of The N Word in today's society. For more information about this album please visit my website: www.theundeniabletruth-d4g.com (D4G- Destined 4 Greatness) 



I look forward meeting you and hopefully being able to share this poem with your audience! 


Thank you for your time,


Tony Shavers IIII



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