A Strange Visitor

 Twilight Walking Tours

"Shades and Shadows" is the debut E.P. from Twilight Walking Tours and it boldly creates a new form of storytelling.
Twilight Walking Tours is the brainchild of James Couling, retired law enforcer, fisherman, hunter and proud father of six. He makes his living driving a school bus and spends his summers telling ghost stories and giving guided tours of Sault Saint Marie, MI.  Couling takes the majority of the tracks here, while allowing his son Orion to shine on several of his own tales.
The elder speaks of "Doors and Dolmans", an idea held by Celtic people that one can be both in the present and in the far past at the same time. James experienced this first hand while attending a tour in Northern Michigan.
"The Black Marsh" is a recounting of a solo trip on some very thin ice in the middle of a swamp in a harsh winter. A ghostly presence was sensed in a area where there were no other people but James for miles and miles.
Orion Couling is the artistic director of the Chicago tall ship, "The Windy". He gives guided historical tours of Lake Michigan and is often dressed as a pirate. He is well known for his work in upper Michigan theater as well. Orion has brought a "Star Wars" version of Macbeth to life and also works with special needs children.
"The Poltergeist of Sturgeon Bay" is a recounting of battle with an evil spirit in the attic of a home in Wisconsin . "The Girl on Michigan Street" tells the tale of a tormented ghost of a child, appearing and speaking through Orion's dreams.
The backing music, while spare is totally appropriate. It is crafted by Thom Couling who also takes the production spot for his Shepherd Boy Records.
It's an fun little experiment  in story telling for an mp3 age.  Perfect for those Halloween evenings around a bowl of candy, this is a showcase of two master storytellers honing a fine craft. One can only wish to be present near a campfire in the woods of Northern Michigan to hear these tales in a proper setting. 
They have the whole thing up online for streaming and a pay as you wish download at