Max & Olga

In the nut shell:

I (Max) met her (Olga) back in 2003. I came back home from cooking job that I had at about 1.00 am one day and she was sleeping on our couch. My roommate invited her to stay with us for a while – till she’ll find something else.

She came to US as an exchange student for only 5 month. We dated, but she went home in September. I even didn’t try to stop her. I was too cool for thatJ. Sometime in December it finally hit me – what I have lost and that I love her…

She comeback next summer, but didn’t stayed with us. She went to Massachusetts with her friends. But she came to visit me for a week at the end of her stay. She was supposed to go back to Belarus (Eastern Europe) in September to finish her study at a university.

She wanted to stay (she defiantly liked me) and she “had to” go back to her parents, school and etc. She could not make a decision and we argue. I didn’t want to persuade her to stay; I wanted her to want to stay.  

Day before her flight back home, I took her to NYC (from Cincinnati, OH). We stopped at Brighton Beach, South Brooklyn for some food. While sitting on the coast bench, I hugged her and instantly felt came and sure (I was flipping out all that time before). Suddenly I knew that it would be “against nature” if she leaves me again. I told her to stay and it’s the only solution. She simply said- “OK” and we drove back to Cincinnati same day.

Leaved together for 3 years, bought a house, she went to school. After finishing college (summer 2007), she went back to Belarus for a month before starting her study for Master Degree (she was enrolled and signed up for classes).

She was on the student visa (F1). When she went to embassy to put her visa into passport, they said – “No”, and she got stocked. She could not get back to US and she didn’t want to stay there.

I am from Belarus too, and I had my immigrant case in process in INS (USCIS now…) at that time. I received US citizenship on Halloween day – October 31, 2008. Now I had legal rights to marry and bring her over.

We got married on July 18, 2009 in Belarus and started the visa process for her right after.

It took about 10 month to get all paper work in order. She should be here August 5, 2010.

In 3 years of distance relationship I’ve seen her 1 month (combining all trips to Belarus) and we are still going strong!!! Big time!!!



she's so pretty! <3 it's amazing that you have known her for so long from so far away.