Privilege Of Distance



Privilege Of Distance

by Jason Sobelman

When did conversations stop at the front door?

Mother's darting eyes, searching for some grounds of semblance in her child. She

starts in, "Your father is going to call the cops, if he knows that you're here!".


A conversation takes place, that is dreamlike and forgotten . Not worthy to dictate.

Between a junkie and his mother. She guilts me into the understanding ,of the mere

jeopardy that I put her in. I comment , she should leave him and we could work out

are problems together. A pattern has worn in are voice, as the crease in are laugh

lines show the travel. She fumbles for a smoke in a jacket pocket. Silently , handing me

a business card with a 800 number for kicking my habit; before handing me a smoke.

A snicker shots up, faster then the smoke exhaled from her lips. Then in a nervous

blurt, she says "Remember when you stole the neighbor's garden hose, and tried to

return it back at the hardware store !"

I laugh, recalling the neighbor's facial expression. The sheer disbelief of spotting his

hose strewn off some vacant sidewalk, miles from his home.

Behind my head, I hear the neighbor's volkswagen pull into it's driveway. I don't want

to look. " I could be rich, if that scam would have panned out." I say with somewhat

objective farce. Her cigarette shorts bounce to the ground.

"Honey, I think you better go!"

Mother turns her back, and starts toward the front door. I'm dying here. I'm not

thinking right, as I scan for something to steal to score.

I peer across at the neighbor. Contemplating, to bust him in the jaw and rip that cell

phone from his hands. As he stands there, in a threatening pose with his cell phone

open, acting like the dictator of Neighborhood Watch. It's the images you don't communi

-cate, that you wrestle with the longest.

Startled, I feel my mother's hand push money into mine. It's hard for me to thank her,

with sincerity. As impatience takes over my mortal body.

I stride down the street and hear, Chrissy Hynde singing the lullaby 'Show Me The

Meaning Of The World'. It carries me through this night.


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