Me, Myself & We: The only sober one a very big family ...

So, 11 days before I turn 30 years old,I experience a complete "Soul Shift", (I'll speak in non concluding terms) literally within a three hour time period.  It all started when I decided to figure out who I was, so I pulled up "Wikipedia" and did a simple search on the name Jonathan.  I had known what the name meant however, I wanted to explore all of the "thesauracle" meanings and "disambiguations" associated with my name. After all, it had been 29 yrs 344 days and 21 hours since I could remember why I ha to strugle for so long.(other than the sel sabotage and bad decisions of course) 

About halfway through my exploration and research; keep in mind I had been an Investigator for nearly 11 years, so I was not lacking in the research and directional values to take while doing so...  Continuing very attentive at this point, a click after click after pop up (you know how that is) led me to a gentleman by the name of Burt Goldman, aka: The American Monk.  At this point, I researched the site and the concept he had and is currently teaching is calle Quantum Jumping.   "WTF is that" I said to myself.  Although I could remember 26 numbers of Pi, and won my sixth grade memorization competition mind you, I was terrible at math even though I could memorize numbers and anything else I "needed" to.

Listening to a teaser type web clip, the magnificent 83 year-old who looks 50 walked me through my first "Jump" and introduced me to my "Doppleganger" so I could "clear some things up"  for those who don't know, a Doppleganger is just another orm of youself in an alternate/hypnotistic state. After we spoke and shook hands, we parted ways, I walked through and closed the door behind me and ascended back up the 11 steps I walked down and then snap, came to..

From that day forward my life has never been the same and one by one I noticed my friends and family members starting to, what I percieved as "letting me go" however, to this day I will not make that "SNAP judgement".  My 30th was on March 9th, today is September 8th and pretty much every single family member and friend I have (except one of each) thinks I am absolutely knuts, and need to be institutionalized because "it's my issue and problem that I am not dealing with reality".  HA!! lol....  I have been to the county psych ward twice since June and have passed with "flying" ;) colors... That is where this chapter will be placed on a "To Be Continued" status until further, near future correspondance and gratitutde between myself and Snap are a bit more concrete..  Although, I ill say that I have been recruited and am now attending school, writing poetry and a "story", similar to "One flew over the Coo Coo's Nest"

I have a completely mind blowing conclusion to this story that is still playing out that you and listeners will not want to miss.  It may actually take the "judgement" out of Snap and replace it with "Snap, We're Here", or something o the sort....  LOL  ;)

I am crazy though.  I have come to terms with that.  I have decided that I am knuckin futz because everyone else has the same definition and falls under the classification of what "Normal" is.... 

I can't begin to express my gracious gratitiude for your time and consideration...  I look forward to a very exciting and fun filled story time with my friends who speak through frequency modulation and vibrational activation rhythyms... (hee hee) 

Always & Only, In Love & Light...

Jon "The Unflushable, Knuckin Futz Turd" Hull 

"Get Ready" j-hu11


P.S.  I am still learning to snap my fingers....  I could just jump of a bridge!!!  (kidding)


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