A theatrical walking tour like no other

When I moved to portland in 2003 I had uprooted myself to avoid getting trapped in Florida,where I grew up.  I figured I could work paycheck to paycheck and make art on the side just about anywhere, so why not find a place that rang true?

Portland is a place where people-- lots of people-- make art for fun and just get it out there on the street usually without the help of a big institution or established framework.  I wanted to write and direct theater, but finding a space and finding a willing cast didn't work out.  So I created these theatrical walking tours as a way to make theater that didn't need a cast and didn't need a (conventional) space-- and as a way to hopefully examine something in the everyday in a way that lights it up with a glimmer of the profound. 

For years after developing that first tour I stood out in our downtown waterfront park every Sunday afternoon, handing flyers out to passersby and offering to perform the two hour tour for any takers, right then. With the musical help of my friend Jay, I've since written three different tours.  But the first one, the original, is about humankind's--and Portlandkind's--relationship with water.  We consider whether a river is held captive by her bridge.  We look at the life of a raindrop as it journeys from sky to sea.  Two years ago I developed that work into a downloadable podtour, available here:http://www.bohemianstorytellingtours.com/podtour.html, but I've uploaded the intro to that tour as an attachment to this story.  You can also see some short video at our website, under the heading "weirder".

If you listen, I hope you'll find magic in it.



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