Grampa's Say the funniest things

True stories about my grampa:

The teaser - When he was 94 or so years old we were sitting around Mom's house chatting about things and the subject of inherited traits comes up. I looked at grampa and said "gramps, I know one thing I inherited from you!"

"What's that AJ?" he says. said, "Look at you gramps, you have a full head of hair at 94, I'm 54 and I still have all my hair also!"

Gramps does his double take and says, "That's right AJ but you'd have been a lot better off if you'd inherited my brains..!"

Gramps was a sharp dude and his storytelling philosophy came from the Mark Twain era, "why ruin a perfectly good story with the truth!" His life was full of these vignettes. I could go on for hours reciting them.







Former Seahawks assistant coach Tom Catlin dies

TULSA, Okla. Tom Catlin, a standout football player in the グッチ アウトレット 店舗 University of Oklahoma inside the ジバンシー ナイチンゲール 1950s and former defensive coordinator for the Seattle Seahawks, has died. Catlin was 76.

Catlin died Saturday at a hospice in Seattle from complications stemming from a current surgery, mentioned his brother, Charles Catlin, of Broken Arrow.

A member of OU's 1950 squad that won the national championship below head coach Bud Wilkinson, Catlin was named allconference three occasions and was cocaptain with quarterback Eddie Crowder in the course of his senior year.

"Tom Catlin was one particular with the really アマゾンGoyard special players," Crowder told the Tulsa Globe from his house in Boulder, Colo. "He had such a wide variety of talents that were uncommon. As a center, he and I were quite closely associated.

"We were also just close buddies and cocaptains from the team, so you could have further time you invest together with that. I found him a single on the distinctive many people because he was a really GOYARD バッグ 本物 quiet personality. Not a rahrah guy. And pretty intelligent."

Catlin was chosen within the ヘレンカミンスキー 帽子 かぶり方 fourth round from the 1953 draft by the Baltimore Colts. He was traded to Cleveland and played for the Browns in 195354, then following his ROTC commitment at OU he joined the Air Force as a pilot from 195557.

Catlin returned towards the Browns in 195758 before finishing his playing career a year later together with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Catlin was assistant head coach and defensive coordinator for the Seattle Seahawks, exactly where ヘレンカミンスキー 帽子 ハワイ he coached from 19831995. He earlier worked as an assistant coach for the Dallas Texans and Kansas City Chiefs within the American Football League, then the Los Angeles Rams and Buffalo Bills in the ヘレンカミンスキー 帽子 かぶり方 NFL.

He retired from the GUCCI バッグ ショルダー NFL in 1996 and recently had been ill with Parkinson's disease, Charles Catlin stated.

Charles Catlin said he's disappointed his brother under no circumstances was selected for the College Football Hall of Fame.

"He got nominated a time or two but did not ヘレンカミンスキー サンバイザー get voted in," Charles Catlin said. "It bothers me, but time marches on. We've got new ones each year."

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