Breaking In

Get ready!
Today, Snap Judgment proudly drops a brand new episode: BREAKING IN.  
Go ahead.  Get your listen on right here!



I am amazed how I am getting this chance. Please can you pass this along to Jane?
When I heard that ( your ) song I was addicted to heroin and understood so much of what it all meant. I say it was your song in respect of that it was your experience that I related to. I was always going to "quit tomorrow." I wanted to tell you that song made me feel someone out there understood when I thought no one did. I am 6 1/2 years clean and sober. I want to thank you because even though it might have not been the greatest memory for you-it sure was for me. Your experience helped me stay alive long enough to find help.
PS I have always had a crush on Perry : )
Your friend,
If she ever wanted my e-mail for anything, she can have it. Thank you here at snap judgement for giving me this opportunity I would have never thought i would have got.