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This Bitch took my Daughter Away-( True story in the form of a song)

Of all,  this song is the fastest one I've ever written in my life. Its a good example of why some of us are artists. This dark frustration was gnawing at me constantly. I had no place to put it. I couldn't talk or cry it out.


When DJ Child (Project Groundation Massive) gave me the music, he told me to write a song based on real life. I grabbed the pen and this song came out so fast, I was convinced it was going to be a disaster. The opposite proved true. In fact, I've been told it's one of my best. There was a problem however. I didn't feel comfortable calling the mother of my daughter a Bitch for the world to hear. As I was still very angry over the fact my daughter was taken to New York, I was able to find comfort knowing that care had been taken to place her in the proper school and environment. Even though I missed her painfully, I was also happy she was being exposed to New York for it's international identity as opposed to the rose colored glasses identity of Berkeley California. Her mother and myself we're finally on speaking terms again and I didn't want a song to mess that up.


In the middle of recording, I stopped and said- “Oh, yea, I gotta change the Chorus.”

“What do you mean?” asked Child. “That's the best chorus I've ever heard you do.”

“Yea man but I can't call my babies mother a Bitch like that.”


“O.kay, well, what do you got?” I thought for a minute.

“I could say- This This Trick! took” Child threw his hands up.

“See? That's what I'm saying. No other word works.” Then he went in for the kill.

“I mean, whats worse, YOU saying the word Bitch, or HER taking your daughter to New York, without telling you? Basically kidnapping your child.” I felt my face get cold.


“Well damn when you put it like that...” Then I went in and recorded the song how it was written. At the time I'm writing this, it has not yet been released. I'm told its a future Baby Daddy Anthem. So I'll take the headache when it comes. When art imitates life, its not supposed to be pretty.- Enjoy.



This Bitch Took My Daughter Away-

I don't understand, The whole thing sounds crazy

No, Its not a game (Never!)

How could she play me?

She Had a Dark Side that went Full-Time Shady

“A Good Girl gone Bad is- Gone Forever....”


But I don't have Time to Quote- Jay Z

A Murderous Rage in my Art

Somebody Cage me!

Or send me a Sage- for my Chest

because it Aged me, Same as stress

I cant rest

Because my heart breaks daily...


When I wake without the daughter I raised And held dearly.

Every day of her life She's Right There Near Me


Her mamma moved to N.Y.C.

And ain't tell me

I wanna Kill Somebody

Give a F*%* who feels me!



*This Bitch Took my daughter away!

They like- “Really?”

Yeaahhhh, She Hoped a Plane and went to New York City!

Got me All Depressed,

That EVIL is in me

My attitude is all Fu*'ed Up and Real Shi**y..


The Day she took my daughter away

It wasn't pretty

Had me ready to Break Jaws, and Laws- *No Kidding!

A Broke heart can Hate God with Self Pitty

But Im Blessed- So

*Bismillah', I get buzy!


I ain't gonna Front (Front)

I aint gonna Lie (Lie)

I am Not a Saint

I had some women on the side

I was young.

I believed in having *temporary brides

But I would NEVER push my family to the side

I was raised by Lions,

Im Loyal till I Die,

Every girl needs a Daddy,

So why-

Would you Ever Take the Daddy From the Life of your Child?

Thats Crazy!

(Im feelin fuc*ed up now)

I gave our daughter NO LIMITS

While you was running round with those Spotlight Symptoms.

Back from Las Vegas, Ego Trippin

Runnin round the Town with that  Dodge Ball Victim.....?



As A Man I decided not to follow the script

to have a beautiful child and NOT raise it

To me that's Craaaazy.


Maybe Im the one trippin

All the traps in the streets That I fear she could slip in


My Song is her Laughter,

Her eyes my Heaven,

Daddy Knows Best.

She's precious.


Picture my words, You can see her reflection,

Hear it in my voice, I would DIE her protector

But I Know-

From Lessons and Seeds That I've planted,

That She will be back

For mature Overstanding- One Day

I just gotta keep myself back from wild'in


*Im Ready to Get Dead or Live Rich Trying

Thoughts go Bad, I turn real quiet

Outside smiling with a Inside Riot


Look into my eyes you can see They on fire

I seem SO polite, But Bitch Don't Buy it


This Bitch Took My Daughter Away!



*Bismillah- Translation- “In The Name of Allah.”

A common phrase used by Muslims

before performing any action.


*Temporary wives- Translation- Muta Contract.

A practice used mostly by Shia Muslims

where a woman agrees to marry a man for a contracted

amount of time. Usually applied during travel and war.


* “Dodge Ball Victim”- She cheated on me with some dude I considered to be an idiot...


* Spotlight Symptoms- She was in the Fashion Industry


* “Ready to Get Dead, Or Live Rich Trying”-

A Twist on 50 Cent's most Popular Album

Live Rich or Die Trying




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