Killer Camera

I would walkout on stage and take a picture of the audience with my camera.
Then tell the story about the Killer Cameras.
I have had several different cameras in this time period. Some film and some
digital and taken thousands of pictures.

In 1993 I met a Cambodian lady, in Portland, and we were married. In 1996 we
went to Cambodian.

Now Cambodian have a superstition that if there are three people in a picture
the middle person will die.
So, I never have take 3 in a picture. It is either 1, 2, 4, or more.

However, in 1996 a couple of days after we left Cambodia, having taken 33 rolls
of film,  my wife's uncle died. He was sick the day we left Camboidia. He was coined at home and then saw us off at the airport.  He died from high blood pressure three days later.

2005: I went with a church group to build a church. I stayed an extra week and
visited my wife's family. I took pictures of my wife's mother. 3 weeks later she

2008: I went to a nieces wedding and went to visit my wife's father and took
some pictures. Several weeks after I returned to the States he died. 

 2009: I  went to Thailand  to visit a school and teacher with whom I had been
corresponding. There was a 21 year old student from Arizona State teaching
English on a one year exchange. I took pictures of him and 3 weeks after I came
home he was killed in a bus accident.

In the village where I stayed there was a new house blessing. Buddhist priests
had a ceremony and most of the village was there for a potluck. I took many
pictures. One was of a man in a yellow shirt. The next night his wife stabbed
him in stomach. He went to the Hospital and she to jail.

2009: I took behind the scenes pictures of a Cambodian Oral History documentary.
In July of 2010 one of the people giving their Oral History of the Cambodian Killing Fields died
from Cancer. He was the father of my step-granddaughter.

Jan 2010: I went with a dental team to take pictures of them working on Orphans.
4 months after returning home one of the dentists had a major heart and died. 7
months after my return a lady with whom I had traveled cross country, in
Cambodia in a party of 4, died of Jaundice.

June 12 2010: I bought a camera from a friend. He died from Cancer in July 2. My
niece took some pictures of me with that camera at a fundraiser, where I was the
auctioneer. A couple of weeks later I went to the hospital with a brain

Nov 2010: I have taken pictures of a 93 year old Cambodian woman, my pastors
mother. She got lost in the woods for two nights. She was found under a pile of
leaves, alive.

Do you want me to take your Picture?