Political analogy in respect to sport

Monday night football is on, you watch the game in it’s entirety. As you watch, you interpret, analyze, and deduce authentic original thoughts from the game you have just witnessed. (Assuming you do not just listen to the commentators from the broadcast and plagiarize their thoughts).

The next morning, as you are eating your breakfast, you watch sports-center. After the 45 second of highlights of the game you watched last night, a colorful “expert”/ commentator comes on, and for three minutes this professional articulates a subjective perspective of the performance of the athletes.

Please note readers, that this man is paid to create this debate regardless of how accurate his assessment may be. For this purpose the "colorful" commentator on sports center does not share the same views in regards to the performance of the game which you watched

So you go into work later that day, and at the water cooler a co-worker brings up last nights game. Immediately he converses the idea’s of the commentator on sports-center. Lets assume, your co-worker did not watch the game, but he did watch sport-center..

How do you objectively discuss the game, with this passionate co-worker who is not entirely informed, yet very insistent in their plagiarize idea’s and passion?


Less than 2% of the people in this country watch the political game in it’s entirety! Not to the fault of the general public, the political world is to vast and complicated to be followed entirely.

This is where we go wrong. Most of the people who do not watch the game or even highlights of the actual political process because of that complication. People find the colorful commentator who’s values match their own, and then plagiarize their thoughts with few authentic idea’s of their own. This happens regardless of political ideology.

Then it gets worse. In the world of sports there at least exist this idea of sportsmanship from which we develop an iconic status.

The exact opposite happens in politics in which iconoclastic battles occur until nothing is sacred, precious, or objectively proactive at the expense of opposing views. (typically manifested by corporate news in the aim of drawing revenue)

By not understanding your thoughts are a “target for the market”, the values you hold are just emotional triggers which colorful commentators wish to tap into in order to generate revenue, and that following a colorful news media without objectively interpreting makes YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.



Sport scholars and cultural critics have actually spent a good deal of time thinking about and researching these relationships over the years. Academics like us have looked at politics in sports and sports in politics.
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