Other Than Honorable: A Sailor's Tale

Dear SnapJudgment,

My name is Nikolaus Collins and I am the author of Other Than Honorable: A Sailor's Tale. This isn't the typical novel about the military. In fact, it pokes fun at many aspects of the organization. Understandably, many may be offended but these are all stories that I lived through. From racism to rape,gangbanging and pimping. To be completely honest, I lived a dirty life in the Navy and decided to write about it as a way of coping. It also was a way to openly confess my wrong-doings. After five and a half years of service and three deployments, I had a huge weight to get off my chest. I love to listen to your show and it would take my breath away to hear my story on NPR! Please consider taking up this contraversial topic!!


Sincereley Yours,

Nikolaus Collins